Cry of the Indian



Can I take you on a journey?

we, insignificant specks upon the scorching sands

watch the bald eagle, ascend

the mighty, capturing the wind in his wings

as he soars towards the drifting clouds


the drums resound across softened dunes

and the darkened night is broken

by the burst of peach that breaks the morning light


feathered wild grass against the dusted rocks

dancing with the breath that circles from above

release our animal spirit to the depth of watery caverns

quenching thirsts from waterfalls

as eagles soar

hear them cry

the cry of ancestors

across the plains, who hold dream catchers

in their hand

let the desert winds softly blow

lifting  grains of past to future

as cries grow louder, arms held high

towards the sun

cherishing the earth

and the drum beats slow, rhythmically

the chanting heard, the spirits felt

the world is calm, for some

as the giant eagle soars


Native American Indian – Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture your heart.


I am sorry for not keeping up with posts and commenting, it’s been a tough week ūüė¶

©jmtacken 16.5.2014






Feathers (Prose)

Eagle silhouette in Kachemac Bay where many birds can be seen

Eagle swept

swoops ‘cross solid ground

flight amongst the branches

I walk a feathered path


Soaring weaving

distant clouds, apex reached

return  ~ begin again

golden sails in the wind


close enough to touch

wings wide

carry me over mountains

away, away a distant land


view the world from up above

soar eagle, I shall hold aureate

feathers, join your flight

©jmtacken 27th Jan 2014
A shout out to Brian Miller from DVerse & WaystationOne who guided me in this piece.

Of real things

Eyes fluttered open for a second no more than
then slowly closed, for I did not want the real world
just yet
golden sun penetrated the glass like a velvet glove
reaching out for my face
 it drifted under my eye lids whispering
get up..get up
today is a new day
bed covers abandoned
to rise from my berth to which I was anchored
stumbling towards the sun rubbing brow
was I sleep walking
pushing the latch wide open
my eyes unaccustomed to the light
surely tricks were being played
 before me a majestic eagle
wings unfurled it turned,  blinked, beckoned me
I climbed upon his back gathering my arms softly
around his feathered neck his wings sweeping the ether
today is a new day
we soared high into the morning sky my eagle and I
effortless flight
glossy flaxen sun throwing light on
mountain peaks, craggy rocks
green valleys below
I nestled close, we travelled together
ascending above clouds
that seemed to dance in the wind
like musical notes upon a sheet

we rose into the heavens

we plunged and glided on currents of air
the world undisturbed unsheltered beneath us
my eyes closed I felt his heart beat with my hands
was I sleep walking
my eagle returned, he had shown me his world
with tired wings outstretched I alighted
my eyes spoke my thank you not with words
through the window I climbed
my body warmed by the sun
my cheeks aglow from the breeze
he flew away my eagle
I awoke
hugging my feather pillow
was I sleep walking?