Another day (Prose)


in the stillness of the morning……

darkness dissipates leaving a haze of

darkened blue

before the sun rises

birds call their morning song

in the early hours when life slumbers

in houses

down my street

bleary eyed I sit in coldness listening

to the world awaken

another day, another breath for some

who are deemed


for others whom I write about

no birds will sing for them



©jmtacken 6th November 2013

Shared with  and Open Link Night.

It is early, I couldn’t sleep, I have been busy writing the Service for tomorrow, so my apologies if you have missed me. This is what came into my thoughts a few moments ago.

I should be in bed

I should
be in bed
I should
be cuddled
up with…
okay my
however I
am not
I sit here
at 2am
saturday morn’
when all my
virtual friends
who start to
stir have
come on line
they start
to post
and I’ve
done 3
no it’s not
the most
that I have
done in one day
but I can’t
seem to stay
away and do
I rave for
my brain is
oh yes I do
so I shall retire
so forgive me
to those that read
who may expect
some form of
for at this
juncture I can….not
no I simply do not
have ‘no-sense’

Have a wonderful morning everyone.