Monday to Thursday for anyone who is interested in babble

Good evening everyone out there in Blog WP land.

How are we all this evening, morning, afternoon?

It's so hard to keep track of times and days for that matter.

This is just a rambling blog post from moi.

Just because I can :-)   Ahh the freedom of speech isn't it grand ~ oops no poetry this evening.

Updates on my week - you ready? Comfy? Drink in hand be it coffee, wine or beer? Perhaps some cheese on crackers to go with that?

  • Started the juice diet for 4 days straight I drank nothing but squeezed out fruit and vegetables (my hat goes off to all you vegetarians out there by the way). Yesterday I was in a complete daze, had no idea where the day actually went, proceeding into the supermarket to top up on fruit and veg and other things. Yes, I forgot the other things - my brain was frozen in a sludge state.
  • Tonight yee ha I had a meal, I never knew how much I enjoyed the physical art of chewing! I ate some calamari and salad. Treadmill in the morning, so all will be good Weird how I felt guilty for actually eating after 4 days though.
  • No wine consumed for 4 days (I know,  how the hell did I do that) tonight I am shouting myself to a scotch with Pepsi Max (it is soooooo good) yes the treadmill will be a definite in the morning.
  • Went out twice with Pop on his scooter ~ hmm little concerned as he still doesn't look left and right before crossing the road and I think he feels as if he is still in a car to protect him a little. More practice required, more of me running or walking very fast at his side.
  • Attended a funeral on Tuesday (for learning Celebrant purposes) I did not know the deceased. 20 family members. Song being played for reflection time - wrong song. Try again - wrong song. I sat in the back row cringing, oh and taking notes.  The Celebrant though (as she told me afterwards) "It's best to stay calm when things go wrong, so the family remains calm".  Tell me if I'm wrong readers (this way I will know if you have actually read this far ) her reaction after the song not being played twice was "Right we will move onto the next part of the ceremony".  What the??? No apology for technical difficulties now we will move on??? Nothing? The service went for 20 minutes (family's instructions) but to me way too quick, no time to absorb what was happening, no speakers apart from the Celebrant. The music that the family chose for the recession (the walking out of the service) was a classical piece interspersed with quite 'bubbly' violin… not my choice AT ALL. This had to be played by the FD (that's funeral director lingo) who held a portable CD player at the back of the room. All went well till his/their recording jumped, hopped and skipped and crackled towards the end. I was mortified readers mortified! I shall do better (if I ever get a gig…(no gig isn't the right terminology is it?)
  • Lastly, I want to thank all the people that commented on My Gate is Open piece for DVerse - I am being guided and supported most admirably and for that I thank you one and all.

Okay that's it, hope I haven't bored anyone, thought I'd do it all in one blog (I so hate that word) post ~ thanks for listening..I mean reading.



Overlook the Heavy ones

Poetry prompt – A twist in the tale

For this prompt you need to write a poem which has a surprise twist.

The poem should be made of four stanzas of equal length – no more than eight lines each.

The twist must be all in the final stanza.

That’s it – no required metre or anything. The rules are easy but the poem could be hard. This exercise is good for focussing on shaping the narrative in a poem.

This Prompt was set by ruleofstupid


Overweight, my foot steps are
heavy across the ground
its bitter and snow covers all around
but I am inside safe and warm
I need the rest to have a break
can’t control the food that I intake
I’m tired it’s been a hard cold year
but it’s not the tiredness that I fear

I want to shut away the world
be quiet left alone nothing to disturb
no one to listen should I moan
food is my only comfort my
self pleasure and my need
don’t judge me for what I am
don’t tsk or shake your head
for you do not know the real me

I’ve struggled this whole fall
my home my sanctuary far away
from staring eyes who think me
a disgrace people are so quick to surmise
why they think I am obese they do not know the
emptiness nor the struggles that I’ve faced
no they just seem frightened do they think perhaps I’m bad
or ashamed because of my size which truly makes me sad

No no-one hasn’t got a clue
they naturally walk the other way
not willing to get to know me
or how I feel today they look in my
direction but simply scamper by
not willing to come near me due only to my size
fear in their eyes they look upon me with abomination
but I am simply a grizzly bear ready for hibernation

Between you and me

Me: Here’s the thing, I have been on a poetic journey of late.

You: That’s just erm wonderful rambly (or whatever the heck your name is now)

Me: Yes today alone I think I did 4 or 5 and couldn’t stop, well I did at one point as I went out for dinner with Mr. S and 3 others.

You: (Yawning) can you get on with it.

Me: So I’m really sorry if I inundated your in-box.

You: No matter, I just deleted every email that sprung up with ramblingsfromamum.

Me: Anywhoo, I write what makes me happy and poetry was the calling for today it seemed.

You: Yup, get that too and?

Me: So now I want to quickly tell you about my night at the Restaurant.

You: Could I be so lucky..?

Me: I went to a Teppanyaki Restaurant, which I have never experienced before.

You: Yay could you make this anymore interesting? I’m late for my appointment to get my toe nails cut.

Me: It was fascinating to watch, they cooked in front of us, they actually threw food, not all of it, which we had to catch in our mouths.

You: Terrific the image of you with food slopped on your cheek is an image I could only dream of.

Me: We also had to hold bowls and catch more empty bowls by the Chef.

You: This just keeps getting better..

Me: Then we had to catch a bowl full of fried rice in the bowls we already held.

You: I can hardly contain my excitement.

Me: There was one part I hated, the couple alongside us, who we didn’t know ordered live lobster. They had just ..well cut it in half and put it on the hot plate..and it kept moving..for a while..

You: I feel your pain (no actually I feel more for the lobster).

Me: I couldn’t look at him I held a napkin over my face.

You: The lobster was probably wishing he could have done the same thing.

Me: Moving right along then, I see you are losing your patience.

You: No shit Sherlock.

Me: This couple we found out (who had ordered the lobster) had been together 3 years and had come from previous marriages he with 10 kids and she with 4. 14 children can you believe that?

You: You’re tellin’ the story.