Steavenson Falls – Marysville Melbourne

Mr. S and I went here yesterday.   It is about an hours drive from where we live,  there is a road that you can drive to reach the waterfall, but no we thought …can’t be that far … signs say  ‘slight’ inclines…we are fit..besides we are minding Charlie (the dog) yes I know how cute is he!  (if you could see him that is…. I think I accidentally deleted the pic ) and he wanted to walk and not sit in the back seat of the car so he could take in the views and wee on 24,000 plants along the way.

Here is Charle and Mr. S having to carry Charlie across the steel bridge..ho hum Charlie Charlie there are no trolls! (Don’t you just love the hat and the open mouth – poor love it was stinking hot and we had trekked for a few kilometres by this stage, close it hun you’ll swallow flies)


2013-01-12 13.50.04

Well after several bouts of huffing and puffing and runners slipping on the gravel pathway we made it up those ‘slight inclines’  3.4km later (just over 2 miles). Beautiful..yes? Then the trek back down – more treacherous I held onto the back of Mr. S’s shoulder, so yes if I fell ..he would too (I’m good like that). Most of Marysville had been destroyed by bush fires in 2009 and they are slowly rebuilding. 175 lives were lost and 441 injured, not to mention the animals and birdlife.

Below is the pic of the waterfall that we hiked to.

2013-01-12 13.07.59

Hopefully you can make out the below….An echidna Echidna Information we saw, well I saw first (Mr. S was too busy navigating the gravel path). First time I have seen one in the wild. Burying his nose into an ants nest…cute (apart from those spikes).


2013-01-12 13.20.53

Hopefully you have enjoyed my little days outing.