I need Help!!!

Normally – not at a loss for words I have found myself in the position of having shall I say quite some time on my hands.

Therefore I am putting a challenge  a request to any of my followers aren’t I special whom I am privileged to have.

Even if you don’t follow why not but you have an request?

I need would like any of you all of you to let me write something ramble incessantly  about anything of your choosing, try and keep it relatively clean as my daughters little ones may be watching.

Be it poetry, prose or simply a topic that you want my  opinion/knowledge  my slant on. Give me a word… a line… a story…

Seriously you would be doing my a huge favour to help me use my brain relieve my boredom.

Anything …hmmm almost anything – please let me know in your comments and I shall try when I get around to it my utmost to deliver.

The CHALLENGE is out there. I think you know my obsession to waffle on write.

I dread look forward to your suggestions with excitement and anticipation.

Please help me get through my days.

Sincerely yours