Songs & Moods – Mumsy’s thoughts

Lately I have been writing poetry/prose/flash fiction.

Tonight I find myself in a general thought writing mood.

I should place the warning sign – Enter at own Risk, because this could bore the pants off you.

Whilst driving home from work tonight, I was listening to a radio station that I had not listened to before.  They advertise  ‘The Best Songs of all Time.’ Whether their statement is based on fact or not, would depend on the demographic of listeners and what type of music they enjoy listening too (I am older therefore I enjoyed).

I listened to Elvis, Herman & The Hermits, John Denver, Dionne Warwick, The Righteous Bros and many more. As I drove, I sang along to them – all of them. Words came out from the deep recesses of my grey cells, lyrics, from when I was younger, in my teens, my 20’s, my 30’s, my 40’s. (I won’t go on with the age as I am scaring myself).

I enjoy many songs that are currently playing on the radio,  in fact I really like Robin Thicke and Blurred Lines – if it comes on at work (yes I am lucky enough to have a radio in my office) I can’t help but wiggle in my chair. Just quietly, it certainly does not hurt that Mr Thicke is one mighty fine lookin’ young man (well I think he is at any rate).  In saying that, shall I remember the lyrics to this song in 20+ years, the answer is no. I shall hopefully though still be able to remember how Mr. Thicke looks, but that’s about it. I also love Just Give me a Reason by Pink (I pretty much love all her songs). I love music, I love writing whilst listening to music. I love dancing to music (back in the days when the stomp was fashionable) ok and after that..

Which got me thinking some more – we all know music has the ability to affect our moods.

Sad songs will bring us to tears, remind of us of broken hearts, of people we have lost, be it friends or those who have left the earth coil.

Happy songs will get us bouncing  & dancing round the floor to the point of losing our knickers.

Pretty songs about love or seasons will bring a smile, a gentle sigh and feeling of warm and fuzziness.

Angry songs…well they just make me angry so I guess they are having the affect they wanted.

I’m sorry but I can’t listen to head-banging-mosh-pitting-devil worshipping-nothingness. (Iron Maiden and the like) who you say? If it isn’t harmonious, it’s not a song in my books.

1. It gives me a headache and

2. Is it really music?

Songs that take me back, allowing me to remember certain times in my life are what stay with me. The lyrics remaining in my (sometimes can’t even think of what I did yesterday) brain is something that astounds me.

I have heard so many over my years, as I am sure people in my age bracket have and it’s comforting when ‘old friends’ return, so that I can sing along with them once again.

Music and its affect on us is far ranging, will certain music cheer us if we are sad, or turn us into blubbering messes if we started off happy? If we are not in the right ‘place’ to listen, will it not affect us at all?

I could write a few pages on the different songs that I like, why I like them, how they make me feel.

In my youth I listened to Cream, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Small Faces, Beatles, Deep Purple, now I like R & B, some country, Andre Bocelli, Celtic singers and yes the ‘Golden Oldies’. My taste is still varied, I will listening to almost anything (apart from the head banging nonsense).

Below is one of the tunes (oh how old does that sound) that I heard on my drive home and it brought to mind friends, friends who are having it tough of late, friends whose lives have been thrown a curve ball. Yes, I sang along to Dionne and I got misty eyed.

This song makes you sigh and makes you a little melancholy, it’s not a losing your knickers type song. I do believe Elton has hair?

If you like, perhaps you would like to listen to the one that got me misty. … to my friend..this is for you.


Are there any songs special to you, who did you listen to when you were younger? Your to me.

Just being happy

I am sitting here listening to CAT STEVENS…


my memories float back to open fields and daisy chains
to laughter and love between old friends
to happy times and smiles that brimmed
to carefree days and moon lit nights
to guitars that strummed
plectrum flicking strings
voices pretending we could sing
and skirts held high dancing on soft sand
as water lapped ankles and the moon held grand
to swirling and to soft kisses
in tender age of unknowing
he takes me back to all these things
to all that hides within my heart
to memories of how things use to be
so play a song that reminds you
of how you were how you loved and laughed
rejoiced in the world without a care
and take yourself back
pretend that you
are there

The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award has been generously bestowed to me by the gracious and adorable ‘T’ as I call her, her name though is Tatiana which is absolutely an exquisite name and reminds of the days of the Tzar (not that I am that old mind you). See ‘T’s’ link below. (If I did it right that is!) or wonderlandbytatu

She is very naughty for giving me this – as everyone knows I don’t accept Awards (though yes I did the Missy Award) because I love dogs. That’s not to say I don’t love her or any one else…ok before I get myself into too much more trouble… without further ado.

I ‘partially accept’ this Award (wearing sparkles and hair up) and to show my gratitude I shall post the other nominees on this Post for my fans…joking (though doesn’t it sound good) followers to go and have a peak at (yes including yours truly)  I do love that I am her mummy mentor and almost feel like starting a ‘Dear Dorothy’ column! Seriously thank you ‘T’ from my ‘beaty thing’ for this and Congratulations on receiving the Award from Dora, well deserved! xxx

Her nominees are –

  1. the crafty Gabriella from our life in action
  2. the lovely Paula from depression exists
  3. the funny Melissa from motherhood is an art
  4. the beautifully real Anka from keeping it real
  5. the talented little miss wordy
  6. the lovely Amber from the usual bliss (she has already received this nomination from someone else, but her blog rocks and you MUST check it out)
  7. the incredible duo of best of 2 sisters
  8. the funny dad from me myself and kids
  9. my mommy mentor from ramblings from a mum
  10. the lovely Jurgita from ice beautiful
  11. the lovely, multilingual Ute from expat since birth



so apart from answering the questions and nominating others – I pretty much have covered it…haven’t I??  🙂



100 word Song Challenge – I Won’t Back Down

[ A & w=640h=385]
My contribution to the Challenge set by 100 word Song. Written in the time it took for the song to start and end …so bare with me.
No I won’t back
down my daughters
when your anger
gets the better
of you
when you feel that
I am wrong in
what I say
I will stand my ground
to show you
how my love is strong
so get red faced
and yell and scream
as perhaps I shall
do in return
but I do this for
I love you
I’m your mother
this is my job
to try and show you
what you may have
done or said
is a little wrong
think of me what
you will
my words won’t be
taken back
you may hate me now
but in time you’ll
your mother’s
always right….. 🙂


Spam-a-licious # 6

Spam-a-licious #6 – What can I say YOU seem to like them – so I shall keep delivering. It’s the ‘Aussie’ way. Feel free to hit the delete button at will.


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After two weeks, incorporate a 2nd established of reps. Uh huh… will get straight on it.

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Liebster Award – From Kitt

What is the Liebster Blog Award? Yes I googled and this is what it came up with …have no idea if it is true or not.
The Liebster Blog Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. “Liebster” is German for “favorite”. This award is the “favorite blog award” then.
The rules for this one state that you answer the 11 questions asked of you by the Blogger who gave you this award.

theinnerwildkat  has kindly nominated me for the above Award and Congratulations must go to her fine self, for I enjoy her posts immensely. She is outspoken, outgoing, yet a humble individual at the same time- as most of you probably may know, I sort of accept Awards yet I don’t. Yes it is confusing :-(.

Kitt has written some beautiful things about me and her other nominees.
As my part of acceptance, I do the following as I have done in the past and I hope that this still shows my sincere gratitude for her nominating me.

Kitts nominees are:

Phil– Funny, a bit sarcastic…and pretty cool…for a New Yorker. He’s a new friend with a passion for Speakeasies, watching living, breathing train wrecks and fitness.

Susie– She’s a woman who grabs life by the horns and dances…whether people are watching or not. Even Thor loves this woman!

Austin– My favorite Modern Day Philosopher who has quite the knack for putting a whimsical twist on current events while still making you think. (but isn’t that what Philosophy is all about?)

Rob– He’s blunt, a bit warped (he’s even got a “fan chick stalker diary” and “zombie diary” going on), funny…and very few things are out of bounds with him. It may also explain why he actually had to post a clarification blog for his new followers! He’s also featured a bunch of guest bloggers (including yours truly).

Loni– A wonderful, supportive new friend and author. She always finds time to stop by and give a kind word. Things like that mean so much.

Wordsurfer– A sweet lady who is a lot more courageous than she gives herself credit for. She’s always got a keen observation or a thoughtful comment. I’ve been enjoying getting to know her.

Jen- An empty nester who thinks she’s a “beginner” at poetry…but so far from that. She’s fun, and thoughtful…and full of insight. (Plus, she’s got that awesome Aussie thing going on for her…I’m jealous of her accent and I haven’t even heard her speak.)

CrazyTrainToTinkyTown– Yes, she really is a bit crazy…but in the best possible way! She makes me laugh. Her comments are quirky and full of fun, just like her!

LJ- A wonderfully talented writer friend who has this work in progress that has me completely intrigued. She’s a riot and my sister of the dirty mind. She’s also amazing in the way she supports her friends.

Ray– A new friend I met through Susie, he’s honest and insightful. In a very short time I’ve come to appreciate his reflective nature and his willingness to share.

Jessi– She just released a new book about a sexy Scottish Highlander…Yum! She’s a fun friend who is entertained by the fact that I’m a bit off the wall and you never know exactly what to expect when you stop by and visit me. She also understands that a love of erotic romance (both reading and writing) does not negate my love of God or my faith.

So to Kitt I thank you, to the other nominees, congratulations and I hope that all that follow me, may stalk take a peek at your sites.

Rambly (with a hot Aussie accent I believe) 😉

Wild Things and Gangster Squad and Parties

It’s not that late it’s 10.30pm Saturday night and there is a party in full swing in the house behind us, there are raucous voices yelling, copious amounts of swearing drifting into the night sky and laughter.

Mr. S and I just got back from seeing Gangster Squad. Cast -Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Josh Brolin, Nick Nolte, Robert Patrick, Michael Peña, Giovanni Ribisi, Anthony Mackie.
I really enjoyed this (but this is not a Movie review). I love Sean Penn (oops more swearing from the house behind) and as for Ryan Gosling oh my-  my- my him dressed in his 1940’s finery was a delicious sight to behold. Josh Brolin excellent (ok now they are whoot wooing in unison)…the kids at the party not in the Movie.

Have I got everyone confused yet? Anywhoo go and see this pic if you can and if you like a bit of rough and tumble and bloodshed (more swearing).

Ahh parties remember them? Oh, you still have them.. erm right. Can’t remember the last time I had one or went to one. Oh we have the informal and formal dinner parties, the ‘gatherings’ for a BBQ out on the deck, but an actual ‘partay’ as such no sadly that was left back in my youth.

The nights when you would be half smashed intoxicated before we even arrived. (Yes you sneaked your parents alcohol or knew someone older who would buy it for you).

Back in the days when drinking and driving wasn’t a concern (well it was but no one paid any attention to it). You I would rock up with a girlfriend or two in tow, especially if we knew there were going to be hot guys there. Make-up that was put on with a plough, false eyelashes (yes good god they have returned) and dresses (or hot pants if you don’t mind) were short. Well I had decent pins back then, so had to show them off. (Now they all singing Queen – Easy come- Easy go) bless ’em.

We would drink some more and then some more and be really quite off our faces inebriated. We really had no idea what we were doing as the music got louder, our dance moves became more provocative and we thought it great if we had the opportunity of pashing the hot guy.  I remember one guy I went out who was the lead singer in a band. MY GOD was he the hottest thing walking (of course Mr S is now..aren’t you honey). I can’t even remember his name now – that’s how damn hot he must of been, no seriously I still have a slight recollection of gorgeous big eyes, shoulder length dark wavy hair, jeans – body hugging white T-Shirt.. take my word for it girls…

Daughter # 2 will be shaking her head if she read that…oh well your mummy was young and crazy then! That was a thing of the past -I’m all grown up now… 😦  and the only one I ‘pash’ is Mr. S (more singing from the party – rock on youngens!).  Around this time the song Wild Thing by the Troggs was popular, recorded in the late 1960’s and continued into the 70’s ..I am hoping it did continue because otherwise I would have been at this party off my face a little intoxicated at the age of 10!

Band singer (the one I loved) and can’t remember his name sang this to me – pointing to me as the words Wild Thing came from those irresistible lips, I was the envy of all the girls there… enjoy the fashions..the peace the love in the air man.. this will take you back  🙂


Do you still have parties – what are they like now – more subdued or do you let your hair down still? Or like me, you think of your wild years and simply reminisce now and then….

Famous Dinner Guests – What Question would I ask each of them?

Ahh ruleofstupid has requested that I answer the following:-

What question would I ask each of my dinner guests.

This is going back to my previous post of having a dinner party and who would I invite (the tongue in cheek) funny one not the serious one… hmm ok here then  so if you haven’t been following (pardon the pun) you simply need to get a wriggle on and catch up.

1st guest – Dalai Lama – “So your Holiness, trip over your robes much?”

2nd guest – The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland – “Seriously dude, ever think of buying a wrist watch?”

3rd guest – Elvis – “You can tell me, how many times did Priscilla have to sew those pants?”

4th guest – Bette Davis – “So Betts, kept your hyperthyroidism under wraps for quite some time, didn’t you?”

5th guest – Jerry Lewis – “You can tell me, Dean didn’t really like ‘the drink’ did he?”

6th guest – HRH (Queen) – “If Di was able to come back, would you apologise?”

7th guest – Albert Einstein – “So ..what exactly is the equivalence of matter and energy, E = mc2 (and by implication, the ability of gravity to “bend” light), the existence of “rest energy”, and the basis of nuclear energy….really mean?”

8th guest – Sherlock Holmes – “How much do you have to pay for your Coke?”

9th guest – Julias Caesar – “Your kids, who were they again, there was Caesarion, Augustus, Tercia, Bigusdickus?

10th guest – Marilyn Monroe – “You glad now you put your knickers on when you stood over the subway grate?”

11th guest – Santa – “Have you thought about losing weight, those chimneys aren’t getting smaller you know?”

12th guest – Robert Burns (Scottish Poet) – “How pissed are you that your Can Ye Labour Lea tune was set to Auld Lang Syne?

13th guest – Pope Benedict XVI – “Bet you’re laughing all the way to the Vatican with your Twitters beating that Bieber fella?”

14th guest – Michelangelo – “Are you wishing you had invented the Cherry Picker now?”

and that folks is all





The serious side # 2 of the Challenge – Guess who’s coming to dinner.

My 60th Post for the Month – Yes I ramble – yes I write – it’s what I do.

Written at the request of ruleofstupid…who has helped me get through my days & fingers crossed may continue. So I thank you and courtesy .

Your perfect dinner party, who are your guests and why (anyone from any time in history).

William Shakespeare – A respected Poet and Playwright – to sit next to such a talented individual would surely give me inspiration.

Leonardo Di Vinci – A diversely talented painter who also was a writer, a musician, an engineer, a scientist – so much could be learnt from this man. As I also paint (though I haven’t for some time) I would be enthralled to have him as a dinner guest.

Harry Houndini – I was always intrigued by the Movie ( with Tony Curtis). I want to know how he performed his death defying stunts.

John Merrick – The Elephant Man – To have been haunted his entire life because of his deformity shows strength and courage and I would be honoured to hear his story.

Meryl Streep – Simply because this is a woman who I have admired for years on the screen, I find her acting skills second to none.

Neil Armstrong – The first person to walk on the moon – To find out what those first steps that he took felt and meant to him.

Dalai Lama – To hear words of wisdom, his peacefulness that could only radiate into my soul.

Ann Sullivan – Who taught Helen Keller – again strength and courage and more so her tenacity & belief that she could teach the young Helen.

My  list could go on but the below are just because (unfortunately some are no longer with us)

George Clooney


Bette Davis

Heath Ledger

Princess Diana

Henry VII

Ann Frank

Jerry Lewis

Mother Theresa


The things Men Say – or one in particular

Well at least Mr. S

I have TRIED to convince my significant other  better half partner in life to do a blog as he really is quite hilarious mildly funny, but alas he says that’s my domain 😦 pfft each to his own I guess.

He tends to rant as rave as much as I do – possibly that is why we put up with each other are so connected and today whilst driving to his folks house, I jotted down a few of his little rants.

Please keep in mind we are talking about driving in Christmas manic traffic on the way…

Me – “Since you have a 4WD (SUV) why don’t you put those Reindeer Antlers on – be all Christmassy like”?

Mr. S – “Then you have to stick a red nose on the front as well, how many reindeer to you see lining up to copulate with an SUV..clearly it’s not attractive to them”.

Traffic – Mr. S – “Moron **f… moron, oh for *bleeps* sake, neanderthals”.

Still angry that his new SUV is clearly 5kms (3.1 miles) under the speed limit actually driving.

Mr. S – “This speedometer is definitely 5ks under”.

Me – “Well that’s obviously how they are making the new cars now so you aren’t tempted to speed or go over”.

Mr. S – *Bleep Bleep* – Yeah but then we have to take off another 5 (in Australia by the way the advertising is take off 5 and stay alive) “So with this then you take off your *bleep* 5 which then makes you 10 under, then some other bugga drives up your bum because you’re going to slow & it’s a *bleep* hazard”.

Listening to a CD of Creedence Clearwater (yes we are old)

Me – “Oooh what’s this one”? (trying to guess when the music starts) “Heard it through the Grapevine”?

Song starts playing it’s Run through the Jungle.

Mr. S “Well it could have been Run through the Grapevine or heard it through the Jungle”.

Me – “I give up”. (exasperated expression on face).

Mr. S – “Songs have feelings you know – if you keep saying you didn’t like a song they wouldn’t have a choice but to drop off the charts and they could injure themselves”.

Me – Fingers in ears “Laa Laa Laa”.

Next thing is he points to the left – “There’s our new home honey”.

I turn it’s a Caravan yard.

Ahh such a twit, I mean wit.

Apparently you can get your star sign now in a number plate (registration plate for your car).

We pulled up behind one.

Me – “Look it’s mine” I said smiling.

Mr. S –  Reads the words out loud – Cancer – Loving, Adventurous, Calm”. Voice now raised slightly “CALM WTF – obviously purchased from the Reject Shop” whilst grabbing my thigh and laughing his head off.

Soooo funny Mr. S …… 😉

and that Ladies & Gentleman was my driving experience for today and my 150th Post.

I think Antlers and a nose would be cute