A little Spring in your step (Prose)


touch the Spring in Australia
warmth in wind beckons leaves to dance
birds to sing and nest

though the ladder in my shed
not the ideal place
step on pavements in front of neighbours

flowers blossom, coloured rainbows
against backdrops of green hues
inspiring Spring, perfumes not in bottles

unlike colder Seasons, treading outside gusts of
cold bitter winds hit skin, tis pleasant to walk
within ~ the gardens of my land

take note that your change comes, as my change does
change in fauna, changes in moods and love
that may spiral to a darker place

when winter darkness fills your space
your thoughts grow dim
whilst mine blossoms ~ light, carefree

no star shaped colours rustling under foot
no snow or cold to chill the bones
no heat that expires and draws your breath

I have a skip in my step in Spring
forget the crunch, the heat, the thunder
dare I say it ~ yes I will

there’s no other place like ‘Down Under’

© JMTacken Oct 16 2013

The bird pictured is a Magpie http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australian_Magpie

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