Picture it & Write Prompt Just hit Enter

For this Challenge by Picture it & Write, we can either follow the theme go to
or create your own version of the picture below. I have chosen my own theme.


My fingers shake above the keyboard, my nose runs, yet I just sit here sniffing, like an infant, wiping the end of my nose with the back of my hand,  instead of reaching for a tissue from the box in front of me.
The letters on the keys are blurry, they fade out, then come into focus.
I know where each letter sits, I don’t care.
I feel my heart beating loudly inside my chest, my breath is fast, shallow.
Every now and then my chest rises sharply but falls just as quickly, as I try desperately to hold back more tears.
Five times now, I have counted them, a tear drops, hits a key and sinks into a gap between the letters.
At least the letter is clearer.
Why has it come to this, that I sit here, my body shaking, stomach hurting, as if someone has punctured my intestines with a six inch blade, I feel nauseous, my body fights to hold the expulsion of vomit.
I will myself … do this, move your hand to the right, hit that damn enter key.
Like the letters, my view seems clearer.



“God what have I done”.