Run for your life


I run,  bare foot across the tentacles of icy grass blades across the Moors.
My hair laces it’s way into the air so cold it could freeze me in time.
My heartbeat skips, vapoured breath escapes my mouth,  I try desperately to hold the air in my lungs.
They won’t capture me, they won’t get me … they won’t.
My life depends on my speed.  The fog is settling, night is drawing in,  soon it will be dark,  I need to see the way before me,  please give me more time, PLEASE I beg, do not let darkness fall.
I struggle to catch my breath, my lips are so cold, my mouth is parched.
God… NO, a storm is brewing, run, don’t you look back Esmay, don’t you dare.
The thorns stab at my feet, it hurts with every step I take. Don’t cry,  don’t cry.
Erase the pain Esmay, erase it now!
I push myself, no time to dwell on how my body aches,  it is so cold, I am so tired but I must not give in.
I am the hunted, being chased down like foxes that chase their frightened prey.
How much more can I take, I’m struggling, how can I continue, how can I break free, how do I outrun them.
Please don’t let the storm come, PLEASE, I yell to the emptiness around me. I don’t have the strength inside me to also battle rain, how much more can I take.
I am so scared and long for home, to warm myself in front of the fire, with the door locked fast.
I hear them, the horses hooves resonate through the ground underneath me.
Don’t look back, my thoughts echo in my head, there is no time to see how close they are.
You will not get me, you will not lock me up again.
I swear you will not imprison my soul once more.



This was written from a photo on Picture It and Write.