It’s been 3 days since I last blogged!

Call the Paramedics, check if I'm still breathing??

I am? Not only I,  but it seems all of you can now relax. I have not passed to the other side (don't know why I thought of Fettuccine when I said that).

How is everyone? I have missed my daily, nightly blog  (how I hate that word) sounds like something we should be doing in the privacy of our own bathroom. I have missed my writing and sharing. I have been concentrating on my assignments and you will be pleased to know that…no I'm not finished, but almost.. sort of..

I have 2 Eulogies to now write and also record myself reading one of the 3 that I have to pen.

So tomorrow I shall be concentrating on those and also possibly dragging a poem that I have fiddled with now and then over the last couple of days to put into The Poet's Pub at DVerse for their open link night which is on a Wednesday. It is Wednesday tomorrow isn't it? Being at home, one loses track of time and days so easily.

Nothing really exciting has happened in my 3 days absence ( I was waiting for my beloved readers to check in on me, to make sure I was breathing ) but *sniff sniff* no one did, which leads me to the conclusion that you have lives.

In which case you are forgiven.  :-)

In fact it's been fairly quiet around the site, so I guess that must be true, that you all are pre-occupied or busy little beavers.

It was Mr. S's birthday last Saturday.  How was it spent? Glad you asked.  Mr. S is not one to have a fuss made over him (unlike your good self) who thinks birthdays should be celebrated for more than just one day.

We woke up - the day was fairly dismal outside but not raining. Mr. S LOVES his golf..I waited then asked if he wanted to play a round (not play around that came later)  anywho he said would I like to play a -round of Pitch and Putt. Which is a game of golf but on a smaller scale between tees. (Yes readers I have played before but I'm not good at the caper).

Obliging and dutifully I said okay, so off we tottered and played, then after that the thrills didn't wane, we went and hit a bucket of balls!!! I kid you not, I could hardly contain my excitement!  After that it was a nice lunch and a little shopping and back home so he could watch his footy team lose again (which they did sadly).

Sunday passed with us taking back the casual shirt I brought him for his birthday as he doesn't do checks. I liked it on him, it suited him..but alas nope he didn't think so.

So that is me up to now, with 3 days off and hope that I will find the inspiration required to get back into writing soon…if you want me back that is (of course you do) ? ;-)


Till then Adios Muchachos

or Catch ya's later









Today I attended a Funeral.

This post will be respectful for the departed.

The Service was for a girlfriend’s mother of mine. This girlfriend and I knew each other when we were little. Our parents knew each other very well. Her mother was German, her father who passed away some years back was Czech. The daughter ‘L’ was an only child.

I picked up my ‘little penguins’ ( Mum & Dad) and we drove to the Service. The clouds had formed, the rain had started and we walked into the front room to see some of their friends and ‘L’s two children, whom I hadn’t seen for possibly 20 years.

‘L’ and her husband ‘C’ were greeting everyone. I hadn’t seen ‘L’ for 8 or so years…we just lost touch as in life we sometimes do.

As we saw each other and walked towards each other …there were no words, her face showed her feelings, her teary and bloodshot eyes were enough…

We hugged and she cried saying “Can’t help it…it still…”

“I know darling, I know” I told her and we hugged tight.

Then it was time for the Service and we took our seats, mum and pop sat next to me.

‘L’s mum was lain in the coffin in front of the room, adorned with beautiful pink roses and a photo of when she was younger.

The Ceremony began and on the large screen in front of us ‘L’s mum and a picture of her were displayed.

A favourite song was played by Marlene Dietrich. I didn’t understand the words as she sung in German, but it was tearful.

Her children then stood up and tried so valiantly to give their Eulogies. The daughter was unable to through grief. Her brother took over and though struggled talked about his ‘Babicka’ or Babi. Czech for Grandmother.

‘L’ couldn’t say words…stand up and tell how she felt about her mother..we all understood… I felt for her…how can anyone in grief talk about their lost loved one..

The Service was conducted by a beautiful woman who read eloquently, elegantly & with this person whom she never knew the respect that she deserved.

Photos of ‘L’s mum then came on the big screen with music playing in the background.

We  were asked to stand for those that were able & recite the Lords Prayer & as we stood & watched & remembered this fine lady with the music of a lilted piano my tears flowed…

Photos of her as a child, photos of her husband, photos of her and ‘L’ and with her granchildren..

The sun then shone…

The Service ended and my ‘little penguins’ were standing to the side of me. I turned and tears were flowing from my Pop & Mum.

“She was a good friend , we knew her for a long time”, my Pop said struggling..

That made me cry even more, I hugged him tight…and wept

Her coffin was wheeled away….

My tears were also for ‘my penguins’… life’s circle is a known it’s when the circle finally joins up is the unknown…..

We went into the front room for a cup of tea and to all take a deep breath… I sat next to a woman I didn’t know who was 99 years young.

She said “You know Funerals have changed so much since I was younger, in those days the Service was at home, the deceased lay in the coffin in the Parlour and after words were said it would just be taken away for the burial..I remember my father had that”.

It took all my strength not to cry again, this elderly woman who has seen so much in her life time,  remembering her father that way..

‘L’s mum is in the Arms of the Angels now…to rest with her husband…

R.I.P Lotte