This will be the shortest post you have ever read from me

Phone call yesterday afternoon
Saw family last night
Started writing the Service at 7pm – finished at 2.30am
Woke at 8 ūüė¶
Started writing, phoning, emailing, editing – 8 hours
Service tomorrow at 1pm
Possibly my biggest – expecting 200 people


Mums will resume to ‘normal’ after Friday – so apologies if I don’t keep up!

Free falling (Prose)


catch me when I fall
as I know not where I’ll land
a thousand feet per second
such adversities imposed
like gusts of wind
as I descend

catch me when I fall
for I am not secured
tethered to the structure
of my life, that once held me firm

catch me when I fall
treading tightropes
arms outstretched
pulled in all directions
need my balance to return

but if your arms can’t reach me
hold a safety net
to stop my pain
tell me pull the rip chord
till I am safe again


©jmtacken Oct 8 2013

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Trifecta Week Sixty Five Challenge Exhaust


Exhaustion comes to mind
when I lay my body down to rest
words invade my head from one challenge
to the next
I wonder why I do it
push my mind to the extreme
it’s not for comments, likes or such
it just comes from my within
I exhaust all possibilities
gathering my thoughts
I cannot stop this madness
to put my entry onto sites
I revel in the madness
and I push myself it’s true
so forgive me when I write
it’s what I have to do
you must know by now it’s who I am
I shall exhaust myself
for the love of writing
I can I will I can


For –¬†Picture11-1-1

Acrostic Double

Acrostics can be more complex than just by making words from initials. A double acrostic, for example, may have words at the beginning and end of its lines, as this example…

Possibly all the poets I’ve met their talent is akin to fizzy drinks they sparkle, shine, they poP

On more than one occasion their words inside my head, resonate like in a cave hello… echO

Each and everyone of them arE

Totally committed to their crafT

So onward I do battle the ‘Profs against the Am’ but I’m here to show them I will shine, yes,yeS


Ruleofstupid started I had read his words with glee, I attempted but I tried to not show feaR

Oh I am still a beginner when it comes to this, there’s so much to learn, execute and dO

Can you see my brain, it fizzles, wouldn’t it to you? Poetical mess yes, I still aim for the epiC

Knowing what I have to do, can cause my head to ache, in fact at times I can feel quite sicK


Gosh you must know that I’m joking, I love to try in the hope, that I’m advancinG

It doesn’t have to rhyme they say just free verse ‘blagh’ simply pay homage to the marharashI

Verse can be diversified you can stumble, dive, have brakes on or can reV

Examples you have witnessed, what comes forth from this head, some of it surely is abbrasivE


I ask you please take up your pen write something epic or even a minI

Try your hand at poetry and if required we are here to abeT


And if at first you don’t succeed and may not have that aurA


Try again and do not fear I still try and try and know thaT

Rambly will continue to write & write, no matter how much she may falteR

Yes poetry could possibly get me placed in a facility, but I must have faith in my abilitY


My first and more than likely my LAST attempt at doing one of these..I’m exhausted!