Accident prone – mainly the right side of my body it seems. What about you?

Accidents – let me see yes I had one this morning, walking around the house bare footed as another hot day in Oz.     Courtesy Google &

 Courtesy Google &

My right foot smashes into the bottom of the steps. It was sore granted, I did say a few expletives, then it seemed to feel better, in fact I took minded dog Peta for her walk, I weeded the back yard ferociously and then I started to mow. Mr. S is on a Golf weekend so I thought hmm the sun is out may as well continue. I finished the back then got 1/4 into the front only to have my ‘cafoofer valve’ give way on me  (my terminology for running out of steam) which is VERY unusual for moi.

Now it wasn’t the foot that stopped me , oh noooo it was the fact that silly me (points stern finger at myself) did not consume any water the entire time I was slaving in the garden. So I think a bit of heat stroke got to me. Such a sad and sorry sight I was stretched out on the couch grabbing breath and drinking gallons of water.

Anyway where was I, oh yeah the foot.. so after I had hydrated myself (no people not with wine this time) and had a shower, the foot was aching more than earlier. To the point now dear readers I can’t put weight properly on it. So maybe…possibly I have broken a little toe (the one on the end that you really don’t need anyhow) and have it bandaged. Daughter said “Um Doctor Mum”  reply “No they can’t do anything if it’s broken anyway”(be forever the martyr)…

This led me to this post.

How many accidents have you had?  Are you accident prone? What’s the weirdest accident you have had?

I can recall 3 others, though technically one wasn’t an accident, ok it was I guess.

  • I must have stood on a small screw outside at one stage, but I never felt it. I don’t want to gross anyone out but for months I was completely unaware until one day (for reasons even unknown to me) I looked very hard at the underneath of my foot (not something I’m prone to do a regular basis mind). I dug a little as I noticed something dark…you guessed it after not to be much digging I pulled out this screw, albeit small but the little thing had been nestled in the ball of my foot for some time without me feeling or knowing it was there.
  • The 2nd incident was again involving my foot and my right one – seems I’m accident prone with this side of my body. I was outside and my partner at the time was cutting off planks of wood. Yep barefoot again, I stood on a nail. Off to the doctors this time for a Tetanus injection (which was painless). However I had to step, place, step, place with crutches as the nail even though I had been injected against bodily harm had infected my foot somewhat and it swelled underneath. The mere act of trying to place it on the ground was agonising.
  • The 3rd and last incident was when I was young – I can’t remember how young but I climbed a fence when I was living at home and fell, head first folks onto a concrete path on the other side.

And that possibly explains why I am like I am to this very day.

Courtesy Google&

Courtesy Google&