My new job – 1st day

Yes my 1st day at my new job…right back into the thick of it. Well, actually no I lie. I woke at 7am and then had 1.5hrs to kill (so of course instead of putting a load of washing on – I checked my emails – only 67 of them from WordPress)….Argh!!

Anywhoo I can see you all waiting with bated breath “So how did it go”?… wait…you aren’t?

Hmm.. ok I shall inform you nonetheless.

It went fine as far as ‘first days’ go. They didn’t throw me into the deep end to answer phones. I had training on glass frames and my lordy it is such a complicated process to make them (ie: don’t ever grizzle again about the cost of them) because some can take up to 8 months to make!.

I sat and ate lunch with the team, I picked some orders (we are talking glasses frames people) nothing that would do my back in…( yes I hear that sign of relief in all of you). The ladies and gentlemen that I met were all very friendly and pleasant. They have a radio on in the office to which (you will all be pleased to know) I abstained from doing karaoke versions of…that may come tomorrow.

I was introduced to John – saying he is the man who does our pays, up faster than a flash of lightening I rose from my chair. “Happy New Year John” shaking of hands and huge beam across my face.”Pleased to meet you”(Ok Jen let go of his hand he’s looking at you weird).

I was sucking up, that’s what you do on your 1st day isn’t it??? 🙂

All in all so far a good 1st day.

So how do you feel after your 1st day in a new job?
Do you come home thinking will I fit in? Is there more to this than meets the eye?
Are they really that nice? How do you know when you complete the day that you really want to return?