Then and Now


lips briefly scratch the surface of cheeks, you make your way to work
where were we?
when mouths just touched erotically, causing pulses to race

hands are held, but it’s I, that grab your awkwardness
what begun?
as your tongue manipulated my finger tip held in your moist mouth

we sigh in exasperation after cross words, or the garbage not emptied
where was I?
as breaths grew deep making me dizzy with anticipation

you hardly touch my face, except to wipe the crumbs from morning toast
where were you?
as you cupped my face within your hands drawing my bottom lip into your kiss

your arms encircle me, when others comment how in love we are
what happened?
as skin felt on fire and we smouldered at each other’s touch

I remember ~ the flashbacks give me hope

©jmtacken 13th March 2014

Sharing with Kerry has us creating a flashback moments