ello ello ello what have we ‘ere then?

I am unearthed
brought to air
from underground
broken of bone
remnants of my
former self
1452 the year I squalled
passed to mid-wife
swaddled tight
my life footsteps indeed
not known
nor my precarious plight
yet I was born to be King
ruled with tyranny
murdering callous
and viciously
1485 I died
was lain to rest
in dampness soil
and dark
and who would
‘ev imagine
I’d be exhumed
a car park


Richard III is thought to have been buried at the Franciscan friary of Grey Friars in Leicester, but the church was demolished in the 1530s and its location had been lost until now. Richard’s skull has now been found 100 yards from Leicester.

And on that note I bit you all adieu….good-night.