Just being happy

I am sitting here listening to CAT STEVENS…


my memories float back to open fields and daisy chains
to laughter and love between old friends
to happy times and smiles that brimmed
to carefree days and moon lit nights
to guitars that strummed
plectrum flicking strings
voices pretending we could sing
and skirts held high dancing on soft sand
as water lapped ankles and the moon held grand
to swirling and to soft kisses
in tender age of unknowing
he takes me back to all these things
to all that hides within my heart
to memories of how things use to be
so play a song that reminds you
of how you were how you loved and laughed
rejoiced in the world without a care
and take yourself back
pretend that you
are there

Time to say Thank You!

and it’s that time again to say I


THANK YOU to my followers.

THANK YOU for joining, for reading, for participating!

THANK YOU to my 310 (thats a jump of 83 from my last thank you,  exactly a month ago (Let me hear you say WHOOP – WHOOP)

I AM GRATEFUL for each and every one of you!

I CHERISH your comments, your advice and even your critique!

I LOVE how some of us have developed REAL VIRTUAL friendships!

So THANK YOU for putting up with my RAMBLINGS!

THANK YOU for showing an interest in what I do.




Long Weekend

Friday night after work Mr. S and I drove just over 3.5 hours to Lakes Entrance (well 20 minutes drive from).
We have just had a long weekend here and I want to thank those of you who enquired as to where I had been or if I was safe (because of the storms and flooding in Queensland) I am fine (we are fine) the floods are about 4,000kms away, but it was sweet nonetheless to show concern for my safety… so let me say thank you.
Batteries have been re-charged. The weather wasn’t the greatest (even though we are in Summer) but just to visit a beautiful spot, over looking the water, to do as we pleased with friends of ours was so relaxing and enjoyable.  We arrived 10pm, the other couple had been there for a few hours already, so we were greeted with an open bottle of wine, sat on the deck (with a blanket wrapped around me) as it was a little chilly and talked and laughed till bedtime. Then a severe thunderstorm hit at about 5am with massive hailstones…did I mention it is Summer?  I did take a photo but for some reason I cannot find it now 😦 The thunder and lightening struck and sleep was non existant. We awoke at 6 to survey any damage and just stood on the deck watching the water in front of us and the grey clouds, then all crawled back to bed for a couple of hours. The owners of the property had bird-seed, little did we know that regular as clock work about 10-15 Rosellas would descend for breakfast! We went fishing, we saw an echidna, a deer, a wombat, a possum. The boys played golf whilst us girls shared a bottle of wine and talked..and talked..and talked. We went out for dinners, lunch, the only housework was washing a few dishes and sweeping the floor when we left…ahhh ..that is a holiday 🙂

Half of what I had written vanished…but instead of writing it all again, believe me that we had a wonderful time…just a few days is all that is required, for friendships to be solidified, for laughter to abound and relaxation to pass through one’s body…yes and work tomorrow… 😦

2013-01-27 12.17.27

The view from our Deck

The view from our Deck

Rosellas feeding

Rosellas feeding