The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award has been generously bestowed to me by the gracious and adorable ‘T’ as I call her, her name though is Tatiana which is absolutely an exquisite name and reminds of the days of the Tzar (not that I am that old mind you). See ‘T’s’ link below. (If I did it right that is!) or wonderlandbytatu

She is very naughty for giving me this – as everyone knows I don’t accept Awards (though yes I did the Missy Award) because I love dogs. That’s not to say I don’t love her or any one else…ok before I get myself into too much more trouble… without further ado.

I ‘partially accept’ this Award (wearing sparkles and hair up) and to show my gratitude I shall post the other nominees on this Post for my fans…joking (though doesn’t it sound good) followers to go and have a peak at (yes including yours truly)  I do love that I am her mummy mentor and almost feel like starting a ‘Dear Dorothy’ column! Seriously thank you ‘T’ from my ‘beaty thing’ for this and Congratulations on receiving the Award from Dora, well deserved! xxx

Her nominees are –

  1. the crafty Gabriella from our life in action
  2. the lovely Paula from depression exists
  3. the funny Melissa from motherhood is an art
  4. the beautifully real Anka from keeping it real
  5. the talented little miss wordy
  6. the lovely Amber from the usual bliss (she has already received this nomination from someone else, but her blog rocks and you MUST check it out)
  7. the incredible duo of best of 2 sisters
  8. the funny dad from me myself and kids
  9. my mommy mentor from ramblings from a mum
  10. the lovely Jurgita from ice beautiful
  11. the lovely, multilingual Ute from expat since birth



so apart from answering the questions and nominating others – I pretty much have covered it…haven’t I??  🙂