Sounds I’ve heard this afternoon

raincoat sound
under arms

keyboard sound
hit the letters

basketball sound
hit garage door

engine sound
noisy on road

bird sound
outside my window

tip tap
tip tap
dog paw sound
across the vinyl floor

hammer sound
hits on wood

cockies sound
flying overhead

Mumsy sound
bored beyond belief

kid sound
next door brothers domestic

Grant me the serenity to change

Trifecta Week   # 71

Anna’s head rested upon crossed arms on the kitchen table.

The sleeves of her jumper soggy. She knew she had to face him, head on…again.

The kids were upstairs doing their homework, the clock on the wall marking the seconds, growing louder, as her thoughts bounced back and forth to the pursuing conversation or screaming match that was about to take place.

The car finally pulled into the driveway, he had finished work three hours ago.
She heard the garage door open and close, the engine stop, the door slam shut.

Anna tensed, listening to his footsteps as he walked into the house.

She held her breath and lifted her head, wiping the tears, smudging her mascara.

“Hi” Andrew, said, his voice quiet, withdrawn.

Anger crept through her gut, she wasn’t in the mood for the “How was your day?” routine.

“What’s up, you been crying”?

“Andrew… my credit card was declined at the Supermarket, the electric and gas companies phoned threatening to cut off the supply”.

“Is that what you’re worried about, hell Anna I get paid next week, it’s fine, I wish you would stop this shit”, his voice rising in anger.

“How many times can’t we pay our bloody bills. What if the utilities are cut off, we’re in bloody winter, the kids, how do we bath them without hot water, how do we feed them”?

“You have to stop”, she screamed.

“Oh for christ sake Anna, enough!”

“That’s why you’re late again, a little flutter on those bloody machines before you came home”?

“I just put a little in, I work bloody hard, I’m entitled to a little fun aren’t I?” he roared back.

Anna stood up from the table grabbing the small bundle of $1 notes from under her jumper, throwing them at her husbands face, to rain over him and scatter at his feet.

“That, she yelled, is what you may as well be doing with our money”.


I wrote this due to the gambling addiction that so many people face over here and I assume all over the world. I have known of cases where children have not been bathed for 2 weeks, because the parents are gambling their money away and cannot afford the bills.


The word is Rain (Transitive Verb) 3rd definition as below to be used.
3: to take a lot of money in bill form and toss it up in the air. This is most effectively done at a strip club for the effect of raining one dollar bills on the dancers (and it makes them feel so pretty), or to snub a hater by throwing money into their face that then falls to the floor like rain (use this when paying a debt to a punk bitch who keeps asking for their money to the point that they are ruining your friendship or when dumping someone who has been bankrolling you for a while now that you’re making money).

Your response must be between 33 and 333 words.
You must use the 3rd definition of the given word in your post.
The word itself needs to be included in your response.
You may not use a variation of the word; it needs to be exactly as stated above.