Pendulum (Prose)


the pendulum sways
side to side




my hand




I wonder, have you gone clockwise through life
a destination held firm, from visions that you
had seen or from what you have learned
the seconds of the clock slowly passing time
regimented ~ telling when to step, to place one
foot and then the other, the goals, the dreams
the plans

a life mapped, ideas of when and how and what
or perhaps you drifted, when unexpectedly
an event threw the equilibrium ~
I'd throw a life line, to drag you back
to what you had foreseen, tell you to hang on
tight ~ or is this the place you'd rather be

life throws curve balls, what we envisaged it to be
uproots itself from the plans we had, makes us lost
and insecure, yet we want grounding do we not

not to be swayed, no glitches that lead a different path
or do we say to hell with it, let the dice roll as they may

my feet are grounded, though at times I may
stagger or be challenged in some way
I want my feet on terra firma, on the road I choose
right now and if a ‘jack in the box’ should appear
then that’s my destiny and I shall face head on for
I do not wish to stray into the anti-clockwise of my life