It’s Chat Time!!!

Yes, it’s that time again, it was only five days ago that I posted my last one, there’s a pattern here folks. At least when readers see the title they can skip over if they want some prose/poetry, because this is not it (besides I just posted one this afternoon) and yes I shall be outright pretentious and put the link >>>>>Hidden under Linen (Prose) for those who wish to read ..then the only way you would see that link is if you read this..

This morning I signed up for the Marriage Celebrant  Course, no need to cheer,  as I am pooping my pants about it, but I was put a little at ease when the Course organiser told me that an 82 year old man is also doing it and his Funeral Celebrants Course. So all can’t be lost now can it.

From about 11 this morning I have been bored out of what little brain I possess. There is a difference between being bored when you have an income coming in, to that when you don’t. It’s like being on holidays, you know you got paid your holiday pay which will see you through, so you can be as bored as you please, knowing that you will return to work and get a pay packet again.

This is enforced holiday without pay.

Signs of boredom (or how I spent my day)

I went up to the Hardware store to buy tiles for our bathroom.
I went to the Supermarket, pulling the little wheeled Supermarket basket behind me and everything tipped out, yet I didn’t get angry.
I brought some washing off the line.
I made the bed.
I looked up why my lemon tree has bulbous branches, only to find out it has been infected with Citrus Gall Wasp. For those of you who have bulbous branches see this>>>
I then went outside with trusty long pruning shears, short ones and a saw, balancing on a garden setting seat and proceeded to cut off as many branches that were bulbous. I don’t have much of my large 12 year old tree left. See below – this was a full tree tucked in one of the corners of my yard behind the washing line near the back shed. (exciting isn’t it) The other branches are the trees in the house behind ours btw.

Remember the song ‘Lemon Tree very pretty’ – well ours is not so much.


I put the television on and started watching the American wedding gown dress shops shows (try saying that 6 times fast) you know the ones I must have this dress..I don’t care how much it costs. I have to have this dress..even though my body fat is edging over the sides like a squeezed toothpaste tube. Yep those ones.
I walked around the house, nothing to specifically do, just walked, room to room.
I went to the mail box – twice (they only deliver once a day).

The only thing that wasn’t boring was reading other blogs and commenting.

Yes, dear readers I am going slightly Cuckoo here – speaking of which. Mum’s birthday is at the end of March, she will be 85. We were going to hold a surprise ‘family only’ lunch somewhere. I just received a phone call from Pop with a little angry tweety-bird in the background. Now we are having a full blown 40 people, with mum’s saved housekeeping money paying for it at the Restaurant that we have gone to… too many times to mention >>>  adding links is stopping my boredom.

This establishment had been around since 1958 and not much has changed. A quaint Bavarian style Smorgasbord lunch and a floor show (which tweety bird wants) where they ring the bells to tunes, they find out where their audience is from and sing a a one line song from that country, where they slap on the lederhosen and do a little dance now…

All the family (and friends) are just a wee bit over this place, but mum is convinced there aren’t any others and she wants music so she doesn’t have to carry on a conversation. I was told quite politely well don’t come if you don’t like it…

So there you have it MY DAY in a 670 word count, give or take oh and a rather bare pic of my lemon tree.

“Help me before I completely lose my marbles”