Valentines it really?

It is 10:20pm the close of Valentines Day here in Australia…well for this little Rambly anyway.

At work 2 ladies received flowers (I told Mr. S not to bother) though yes a little part of me secretely wished he had, but I can’t really say why, just to compete with those that did I think. The 7 women in my workplace all had that look of ‘Oh they are for me I know they are and the look of disappointment when the courier said for ‘blagh blagh’. Yes they cast slightly green eyes in their direction, except for me as I told Mr S ..NO.

We I don’t celebrate this day so much here, as in other parts of the world.
It’s a number…. the number 14.
“The number fourteen signifies the unexpected and your need to adapt to ever-changing circumstances”… well I didn’t get flowers and I should be ok with that? (no it’s not spam-a-licious) it’s me writing.

We went out for dinner, I had a Fishermans Basket or for us equals out there a Fisherwoman’s Basket…flounder, prawns, calamari, salad and chips. Mr. S had Spaghetti Cabonara. I had wine, he had a beer.

We talked about the Car Saga (yes it continues) we talked about the situation at work (yes that still continues). Then we came home. I went onto the computer to answer my comments and do a post which is this, he’s upstairs watching TV or reading some SCIFI thing on his Kindle…. ah true romance, but I’m ok with that… ain’t Valentines Day just spiffy!

There are the for’s and against’s for Valentines Day.
I’m leaning towards the against – please don’t be angry.
The argument which reins supreme is why do we need to celebrate our love for one another on a “Special Day” of the year. Hmm obviously we hate each other’s guts every other day and the 14 of February is when we get to play nice.

Flowers, cards, lingerie (if you get the wrong size ..are you in deep… ), a years subscription to a golfing mag, all manner of gifts, either from our loved one or an unknown admirer (ie: the one who hasn’t got enough b….s to shower you with gifts at any other time of the year) are bestowed. For the women they are just to shy, as they don’t have …. well you know.

Am I being a little harsh? Perhaps.

Most of these ‘Days’ are invented for the sole purpose of money making.
Apparently it VD (sorry Valentines Day – it really has nothing to do with Venereal Disease) dates back to the 3rd Century AD with Saint Valentine, of course he was big into the money making scandals, making his own Hallmark cards, picking weeds, as roses weren’t around then, going out to slay the nearest animal for it’s fur etc etc.
Another theory dates to the Roman Festival called Lupercalia, with some god of fertility. I’ll leave that well enough alone.

To those that truly believe … I wish you all a beautiful day.

For the ladies
May you receive flowers and a hand written card (from the one who loves you not the Florist down the street)
May you be spoilt with lingerie, or jewellery, or a dinner out or home cooked.
May you have a bath run for you (if you like baths)
May you have time to be yourself with your man (without any little rodents running round your feet).

For the men
Do the right thing or you will live to regret it.

Over and out from the Rambly Woman.