Super Sweet Blogging Award

From radaronelson (Seasons of Insanity)

Don’t they look delish???

I was kindly nominated under   – Please note that I haven’t closed this site down due to having comments on there and I don’t want to just obliterate them from the face of the planet, so I leave it open, however this site ramblingfromamum is my main one. Now that I have cleared that all up… taa daaaa

This kind nomination was from (Aka – Seasons of Insanity)

I have told Mr Radar 🙂 that I will do a blog as my expression of gratitude for him for my nomination and to list the other sites that he nominated so that all may take a peek.

The broken road – This guy has truly been through a lot and his post really convey that.  He’s a great guy and I recommend eveyone check him out.

Fat bottom Girl Said What – This chick really makes me laugh.  She found me through another follower and I am so glad she did.  I really can’t say enough about her.  So go follow her.

WalkTenPaces – The laughing duck is truly unique….just like the rest of us.  She has some great posts and great comments so check her out.

Another Wondering Soul – If your into Poetry this is the place to go.  She has some great stuff and i highly recommend her.

Lady Or Not Here I Come – Rebecca is truly hillarious.  I laugh at every single one of her posts.  You have to go follow her for no other reason then to put a smile on your face on those bad days.

B(itch) Log – I’m sure everyone saw my last guest blogger.  This is her.  Heather holds no bars and says what she wants.  If your not already a follower you need to be.

survivingmiddleage – She always has great posts like calling after hours, a pet peave of mine, so check her out I know you’ll enjoy her page.

terry1954 – If your looking for a down to earth blog this is the one for you.  This blog truly does have some good reading on it.

Mitten’s Kittens Blog – What more can I say about Jessica then she has been freshly pressed.  Wow.  She does have a great blog and I recommend it to everyone.

Sex, Spirit, Soul Mates and Chocolate….Ivonne’s Journey – I can’t not nominate Ivonne.  She is truly amazing, her blog is amazing, her conversations are funny.  Check her out NOW and FOLLOW HER!

Prego and the Loon – This woman is inspiring.  What more can I say.  I think that really says everything.  So go follow her, you will be glad you did. – This blog is unique.  It’s not a personal blog per say but they are always there reading my blogs so I wanted to ensure they are noticed.  I do follow them and they do have some great posts.

And now for my honorable mention.

Shanpagne all around – My wife, my love.  She is an awesome writer, blogger, storyteller, and all around awesome person.  She isn’t big on these awards which is why I made her an honorable mention.  So she can post she won the award but no worry about going through picking 13 people to nominate.  If your not following her or viewing her blog, your missing out.  So go now, follow her, and be merry.

I shan’t put the Award on my side bar thingy – because I’m not doing the requirements – which I think only fair.

So I thank you from my beaty thing for the nomination and I hope you will accept this post as my gratitude.