Walk on Visdare – Atmospheric

# 13 Atmospheric
150 words – or less.
Thank you for this brilliant photo this week! Another piece of Prose – Open for Critique please.
Like soldiers aligned in rank
they maintain their stance

encircled by the mist

the ebb and flow of tides
barnacles invade
clutching wooden feet

imbedded in sand resilient
in forceful battering winds
with valour silent alone

their guard of honour
united for ever more
they persevere
defending pier

and countries shores
how many were
their battles
opposing mother nature’s force

in squalls and sheets of rain
currents circling oceans floor
with rotted splinted wood
their hubris will endure

and cut with shells they hold
wraith like soldiers marching
into war

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Another bit of Sunday nothingness from down under

2013-02-24 12.47.33

This is a photo off my street
where Elm trees are their finest
in the Summer when the sunlight
cascades through their boughs
when their leaves change colour
in the autumn and fall gently
to the ground
I love this street
the branches
form an arch all the way along
like a guard of honour welcoming
you through

For the history on this street Blackwood Park Road and surrounding area
please visit here

I hope you have liked or at the very least, learnt a little something about where I live.