Today (Prose)

a breath ~ deep controlled
uncurling hidden knots
that brewed as a storm
under water

a glance ~ as eyes meet
tears of those who wait
for signs of comfort
sea of faces, seeking hope

a start ~ as words are read
trying not to stumble
mispronounce or body
crumble under pressure

Aussie flag draped over coffin
guitar that you played
medals won in battle
tears of mine withheld

committal ~ closing words
I lead the pall-bearers
to the hearse and I break
the tears cannot be held

the poem I wrote for you today

I’m still around

Today you bid farewell to me
and I strum my guitar and sway
listening to the ivories
that my Barbara played

I want you to remember me
but with happiness in your hearts
not with tears or sadness
now we are apart

please treasure all our good times
the laughter and our smiles
as I tread my journey forward
up into the skies

you will not walk your life alone
I’m always by your side
and I’ll be watching from above
with love and so much pride

I’ll dance as I once did
and I’ll whistle a tune or two
though I’m gone ~ I’m not forgotten
and please remember I love you

so when you wave your last goodbye
smile and live without a tear
for as the years tick slowly by
know I’m always here

©jmtacken 7 Oct 2013

A tough day- a good day. Pop’s not too well and couldn’t attend the Service of his life long friend. I was going well, till I had to read a letter that he wrote, knowing he couldn’t be there to watch me conduct the Service. I got to the last line.. then started to break..but I forged on. Emotional roller-coaster today.

Apologies if I haven’t been around to visit your sites the last few days, getting organised for today was paramount. For those that have visited me regardless of my lack of visiting ~ I THANK YOU.

Estas Tonne – Prose – Guitar



wait… 🙂

DVerse – The Poet’s Pub was on Unplugged. I wrote this Friday night – so thought I would pop it in – thank you.

Estas is plugged but into an amplifier

starts to play at 56 seconds  ..please read on

music sieved
through the strings
sugar on a cake
remove all impurities
eats my soul
gently, rhythmically
heart strums
sounds rise
soaring beyond normalcy

honesty in essence
you play
for love
strum strum
the guitar
loud against the voices
you may not hear

feel the strings
the heart beat that it owns
slowly counting down
the strings are you
you are the strings
play on

slide your fingers
bringing it to life
the master of cords
as people watch
you play
play on
the wood is you
you are the wood

I see it in your eyes
within your soul
strum, play
beads on wrists
your heart
circling touching
ears that listen
with incense
burning my heart

in the end
they walk away
troubles cast aside
just…just for one sweet
moment you held them
as you played
and felt
and gave
your heart was on
the line

Estas Tonne born in Russia.



K – daughter #2 is still on top of the leader board for the Liptember Women’s Mental Health Campaign. I wish to thank those who have already donated to this worthy cause.

Please forgive me, but I shall post the links on each posts for those that would still like to contribute.

If your sponsors donate directly to the charity from overseas please use the details above , they can make a direct donation via bank deposit and notify us by email so we can issue them a receipt. We would then credit these donations to your profile.

Liptember Foundation
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
BSB: 062 000
Acc no: 1390 1111

Give me a shout out if you have supported her so she can write a few words to you.

Just being happy

I am sitting here listening to CAT STEVENS…


my memories float back to open fields and daisy chains
to laughter and love between old friends
to happy times and smiles that brimmed
to carefree days and moon lit nights
to guitars that strummed
plectrum flicking strings
voices pretending we could sing
and skirts held high dancing on soft sand
as water lapped ankles and the moon held grand
to swirling and to soft kisses
in tender age of unknowing
he takes me back to all these things
to all that hides within my heart
to memories of how things use to be
so play a song that reminds you
of how you were how you loved and laughed
rejoiced in the world without a care
and take yourself back
pretend that you
are there