Ligo Haibun Challenge – Mother Earth – our air


A Haibun

Have my head adorned with a wreath of fern blossom and wild daises, picked from mother earth.

Amid the grass I shall walk bare footed, anointing my skin with the early morning dew.

Invite the suns golden warmth to envelop me and I shall raise my arms to its magic.

Brown earth on which I tread the physical – enter my soul – the spiritual. 

Understand that I journey with you and upon you, I speak to the rivers and bathe in them this day. 

Now intoxicated from scent of perfumed flowers, I dance with arms outstretched and wait till night falls.

For Jani

Joyously I greet the longest day, the shortest night around the bonfire with fallen wood not stolen. 

As we dine on cheese with caraway and sup on ale throughout the dark.

No evil we will witness, birch and oak adorn our dwellings, we are safe from harm.

Into the night, my senses awakened,  mother nature and I are one,  forever to remain.


Nature provides life

I survive because of you

and inhale your breath


This is for the


I have chosen to do an acrostic version for the prose (I hope this fits in with the rules). Thank you Pirate for the invite.


I am feeling rather chuffed and humbled that another Award has been presented to me from the magnificent ‘Pirate’ see his link to the Award Page here –

Please go and visit him and read about the amazing places he has travelled to. I adore his Haiku, his poetry and marvel at his short stories. He is also political, which I do have a tendency to steer away from as you know, however,  this does not stop me following this gentleman who resides in Finland.

As I partially accept – below are his nominees and what he has kindly written about them. I thank you Pirate for bestowing this upon me and I hope that as a token of my appreciation you will accept this post.

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Steven Lidell – engaging cultural and historical stories  

Readinpleasure – beautiful thoughts in words

Perpateticeric – a writer’s traveller and dreamer’s writer

J. E. Lattimer – a dedicated novelist

JRBsays – haiku and commentary

Gunta – shoots pictures that could be painted

Ramblingsfromamum – wonderful innovative poetry

Nightlake – poetry, haibun, all quality

Livingsimplyfree– unique perspective blogged

Penny – artist of the word and mind

Foolsmusings – thoughtful, dry, bittersweet

AlisonandDon – admirable, beautiful and interesting travels

Cookie – sensual friend and artist

Gigoid – one of my favourite thinkers – of all time

La Vent de la Mer – Ah Semprevento, une femme…

Simply breathe


aromatic wafts ~~~sensual alluring smell ~~~masking all others 

temples high in hills ~~~monks light incense kneel to pray~~~ sun weaves through the fog 

 perfumed burning stick~~~ meditate close eyes relax~~~ breathing in then out


fragrant apple smoke
spirals through the air around
floats past my nose sneeze

For: HaikuBadge_Final

Grasshopper and Fire – Kung Fu Haiku

For Haiku Heights    # 6 & 8 combined Grasshopper and Fire – I am a little ahead of myself with the topics – apologies. Grasshopper is not open till the 8th – only just realised after writing and posting.

Master Po whispered

young grasshopper see the world

through my old blind eyes

knowledge is like fire

consuming never quenched

see as I do see