Dancing Queen – Havin’ a Chat


Back in my day, I danced. Not ballroom or belly dancing (though I probably had the belly to do that) but that’s a visual you don’t need.

I loved dancing, I still do. Sadly, I don’t have the opportunity to strut myself on the dance floor much these days unless I’m at a wedding or a party (or in the privacy of my own home)… you know the ‘dance like no one’s watching‘ thing.

Back when I was younger, quite some moons ago, my dancing career began dressed in a tutu and parading in front of mum and pop. I then did ballet for a short while, but for reasons unbeknown to me, I didn’t continue.

As a teenager, I went through the ceremonial placing of the handbag on the dance floor, when I went out with my girlfriends to pubs, while us girls formed a circle around said handbags to shake our booty. Back then, yes live bands existed and didn’t we love them.

I’ve done the stomp, the twist, the pony, the swim, the lawn mower and most of the then ‘trendy’ dances that were popular.
I taught myself to waltz, when I danced with Pop and I even managed the polka and half hearted attempts of Zorba. Oh how I wished I had learned to Tango or Salsa.

I have shimmied, shook, swayed, sashayed, thrown my arms up in the air, put hands to the floor, breathing in the music. The beat, the ever glorious, exhilarating sounds. Letting my mind just go with the flow.

Now when I get up to dance, (it’s usually without Mr.S as he’s not a dancer) on most occasions I’m more subdued, as much as my inner beast wants to let fly, go crazy, hip swing, shake what my mumma gave me, I rein myself in.

I asked myself why, the answer came back, because when I do see women my age dancing like they were 17 again, I shudder slightly, that ‘mutton dressed up as lamb’ thing.  I know they are up there enjoying themselves, dancing like no ones watching. I know they are merely loving being in the moment, like free falling from an aircraft (though I wouldn’t love that moment). Yet, part of me thinks of the age and how silly someone my age can look ‘Dancing like an Egyptian’,  twisting,  hip hopping, or god forbid ‘twerking’ .

Or is it just me being too self conscious? Should I dance how I once did, regardless of how I look to others, knowing I have full health insurance? Pretend they aren’t laughing at me, not caring if they are? Or should I dance appropriately for a woman my age?  Mind you what is appropriate dancing for a 58 year old?  Oh and yes in 20 years time maybe I will be that lady in Aqua.:-)