Today never the same as yesterday

Photo by me At Mossman Gorge

Photo by me At Mossman Gorge

The heat wave came and went
clothes were peeled like orange skins
rain today broke the crispness
soaked the roots of those that withered
a quieter frame of mind than yesterday
watched the water fall over gutters
standing on the deck of wood
looking at birds open beaks
in happiness and they too are quieter
taking in a new day that is
warm and soaked

The rain continues outside my
windows, hitting the asphalt darker grey
quiet moments of listening to what surrounds me
no music played, no TV watched just me alone
pensively contemplating this new day

Copyright JMTacken 9.1.2015

Unwanted Rivulets (Prose)

women sweating

Like a mouthful of
dried crackers
heat builds
glasses of
liquid cold

soak me
like a baptism
appreciate my hemispheres
languishing now

those who shiver
us who scorch
sun burn our pale skins

I melt under an
Australian sun
my relief
to bathe with you
in waters cool
you are my escape

I deliquesce as
hot winds
brush my skin
I invite the chill
eddy of icy winds

my body in beads
trickle down my throat
delivering me
from the battle
I must accept

Shared with   Victoria has set the challenge Banish Boredom: Rx: Verbs!

Please pop in and read some brilliant poets or get your fingers to the keyboard and join in 🙂


Earth – (Prose from 3 words)

My next challenge of 3 words has been given to me by a very dear girlfriend of mine that I have known for many, many years.  You can find her at:-

Her words are – wound, earth, silence


Wound fractures
open mother earth
in silence waits

what will become of her

heated months lazer
frozen waters
melting under rays

and where will her children go

waves skyscraper
consuming, devouring
dragging into watery graves

those she nurtured from her soil

wounded sky
wounded core
deafening silence

breathe mother earth

while you can
no band-aid will heal
the crevice is too deep

©jmtacken Sept 2103

550th Post – This will excite you beyond your wildest dreams!!!

No… no it won’t,  I’m fibbing.

However it is exciting Mr. S and I as we shall be here as of tomorrow afternoon –

Then after 4 days we shall be here   can’t grab a photo unfortunately.

I need warmth, I long for warmth – I have to have warmth – here it shall be warm.

I shall be taking my IPad so my writing won’t be as manic as it has been of late, but I shall still post now and then I need to use my new toy. As I relax poolside while Mr. S is playing Golf, sipping a cocktail or three, I promise to think of you…no I will…honest..

So you see – it’s a win win all round,  I get the warmth and a holiday and you also get a holiday from me not cramming your inbox up for 7 days!!  Whoot Whoot for that!

I shall try and read what I can before I close my eyes tonight – but now I’m off too pack (summer clothes) as we leave at 6am …and I’m just a wee bit excited about the whole damn thing.

Take Care all, keep writing.

Love to you all




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before the darkness throws a blanket
that tucks the world to sleep
I search
through desert sands barefoot
and the wind will blow and nothing will remain

heat shimmers – belly dancer
it slows my steps, but not my heart
I have a thirst
only you can quench
and the wind will blow and nothing is the same

you are real, my memories clear
a chance meeting, we are kindred
you asked me to follow
to the ends of the earth
the end of the sand
and the wind will blow and I am near

oh moon be patient; let the sun breathe
its final breath, visions of you haunt
I feel you in my heart
but my touch is out of reach
and the wind blows… leaving me thirsty

lust in the afternoon sun

b   u    u   u   m  p

and        g   r  i  n  d

like salt and pepper sing

just a little bit and

o   o  o   o  oooh

come         c l o  s   e

I need to >>       s  t  r  o  k  e

like a baby near the fire

will I hear

don’t touch….    it’s     H    O    T

but sizzzzzzzle

your skin>>>>  is the match  that’s

lit the fire within

I see

pecs and 6 pack abs

forearms glistening with    s  w  e  a  t

jeans hung loooooow

oh oh     ooops

what do I think

moth to flame … just look at you

hell don’t wink




whoooooo   CARES if I burn