The serious side # 2 of the Challenge – Guess who’s coming to dinner.

My 60th Post for the Month – Yes I ramble – yes I write – it’s what I do.

Written at the request of ruleofstupid…who has helped me get through my days & fingers crossed may continue. So I thank you and courtesy .

Your perfect dinner party, who are your guests and why (anyone from any time in history).

William Shakespeare – A respected Poet and Playwright – to sit next to such a talented individual would surely give me inspiration.

Leonardo Di Vinci – A diversely talented painter who also was a writer, a musician, an engineer, a scientist – so much could be learnt from this man. As I also paint (though I haven’t for some time) I would be enthralled to have him as a dinner guest.

Harry Houndini – I was always intrigued by the Movie ( with Tony Curtis). I want to know how he performed his death defying stunts.

John Merrick – The Elephant Man – To have been haunted his entire life because of his deformity shows strength and courage and I would be honoured to hear his story.

Meryl Streep – Simply because this is a woman who I have admired for years on the screen, I find her acting skills second to none.

Neil Armstrong – The first person to walk on the moon – To find out what those first steps that he took felt and meant to him.

Dalai Lama – To hear words of wisdom, his peacefulness that could only radiate into my soul.

Ann Sullivan – Who taught Helen Keller – again strength and courage and more so her tenacity & belief that she could teach the young Helen.

My  list could go on but the below are just because (unfortunately some are no longer with us)

George Clooney


Bette Davis

Heath Ledger

Princess Diana

Henry VII

Ann Frank

Jerry Lewis

Mother Theresa