Christmas Chat

and so this is Christmas and what have you done..

I have made new friends, hung on to old ones (& not necessarily in age).

I have travelled many rough roads and will continue to do so, but there are those worse off than I.

To those who have followed me since I began, to those who may be new to my ramblings.. I thank you

I thank you all for your support, your guidance, your encouragement, your hope and your strength.

I thank you for sharing my tears and my laughter.

I have enjoyed reading your posts and getting to know you through your writing and personally.

I wish you all a beautiful Christmas and a healthy, happy 2015.

Tonight is Christmas Eve in Australia, one more sleep before the jolly man in the red suit, pays us a visit.

I wish you joy
I wish you love
I wish you hope

YOU are all very special to me.

Be safe through the holiday season.




be back soon.

🎅🎄🎁 xx 🎁🎄🎅



Christmas countdown

Less than 7 weeks till Christmas.
There I said it.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news..
Are you organised?

Have you
started dragging your bottom around the shops for those must grab bargains, or are you already that organised that you have been purchasing since last year when the sales started?
do you know where you are having your Christmas Day lunch or dinner, if not in a home, have you booked the venue?
have you decided what egg nog recipe you are using?
have you started scouring recipe books for ideas(come on live a little) or sticking to old favourites?
have you bought any ingredients in preparation for the big day?
have you dragged out and dusted off the plastic Christmas tree and checked all the branches are in tact?
have you organised the buying of your real tree?
have you checked your decorations to make sure the ‘hangy up thingies’ are not broken?
have you gone to your local liquor store and purchased the assortment of drinks required from bottom to top shelf for the relatives who like a wee drop?
have you looked at your tablecloths to ensure there are no last year wine stains?
have you purchased and frozen all the boxes of extra custard you will need, knowing the supermarkets will have run out?
have you checked your Christmas music, knowing the 1980’s chipmunk CD just doesnt cut it any more?
have you pulled out your tangled Christmas lights making sure all bulbs work?
have you bought your Bon bons with the paper hats, jokes and must have plastic toys inside?
have you bought your Christmas candles?
have you bought your Christmas napkins/serviettes?
have you got enough left over Christmas wrapping that’s not crinkled in the back of your cupboard and need more?
have you enough sticky tape to wrap your presents?
have you enough Christmas present tags to put on your presents?
have you purchased your Christmas earrings, ties, t shirts from the $2.00 shop?
have you bought your Christmas cards ready to send out?
have you started your Christmas pudding?
have you written your Christmas wish list?
and most importantly….
have you bought your car antlers?

No? then best hop to it, the clock is ticking.


Raise a glass (To Dverse)


with a glass raised, DVerse I say goodbye
a wave to friends, from the year gone by
but we’ll meet again, converse, critique
share the poetry and stories of those
across the world ~ people that I’ve never
met, yes I shall greet you with a smile

I want to give my thanks, perhaps not in
poetry form, for encouragement and guidance
for kindness and support, for I am a fledging
thrown from the nest, of writing
non-fiction, not that adept with verse
SO I’m learning still, bare with me and my
lack of metaphors, for my wings still
flap against the wind as my poetry starts
to soar

I write for the love of it, as you all do I’m sure
my vocabulary perhaps at times lacking
though my style is still my own
~ AND do I wish to change the way I write
yes I must admit at times I do
my emotions and my feelings will not change
that part of me, I shall not lose

to those who have popped in to read me
I thank you from my heart
this fledging bird, with trainer wings
my poetry’s not art
but rather simply ~ simple words
that I draw from deep inside
like writers who I’ve met this year
their feelings they don’t hide

so be safe this holiday season
take a break and draw a breath
and I shall be here waiting
rested, pen at the ready
for you to challenge me

©jmtacken Dec 2013

(My 700th Post)

For OLN and the last one for the year over at The Pub