Blackened Storm

Gossamer circles hang on limb
broken by the gust of wind
stirred from skies and plunges deep
skies of black and restless sleep

Brumbies stir and gallop hills
steep their climb, strong of will
light from stars bathe the ground
grass is dark for miles around

Lightning breaks the darkness still
zig zagged lights across the hill
thunder rumbles, high in these skies
wild horses warn danger’s nigh

Leader heads them up the hills
others follow at their will
strength in bodies, they carry on
out of the darkness, from the storm

Strength of legs and hooves on earth
in this land that gave them birth
frightened with ears back, they forge
over rocks and over gorge

Elements faced in open land
together they run no time to stand
thunder roars its frightening noise
brumbies tense, calmness destroyed

Shelter as the lighting cracks
rain falls they group in their plight
herd of brumbies with stallion black
black as this night as they take flight

Storm it passes all is still
brumbies rest shake off the chill
regroup they stand with nostrils flared
none were harmed, each one was spared

For Mind Love Misery Prompt # 30 Colour

As I had been busy writing the Service for this morning – my brain is a little weary, but I was enchanted by mindlovemisery’s prompt Colour. This is a very ‘rhyming’ piece that I wrote and posted December 2012. My style has changed quite a lot since ‘those days’. Brumbies are Australian wild horses.Hope this is acceptable for the prompt.  Apologies for those that may have already read this.

The prompt is –

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Prompt 30: Color

by mindlovemisery

Colors are often used to represent emotions. The seven deadly sins are identified with colors.

Pride- Violet (horse)

Envy- Green (dog)

Gluttony- Orange (pig)

Lust- Blue (cow)

Anger- Red (bear)

Greed- Yellow (frog)

Sloth- Light Blue (goat)

We have are own unique associations with colors as well. The assignment is simply to create a piece that emotionally, symbolically, sensually, or physically embodies the color(s) of your choice. If you want to run with the 7 deadly sins theme feel free to incorporate the associated animal as well. You are by no means obligated to do so it was just the most natural and obvious example. Aura or chakra colors would be another good place to research if you need inspiration.

My Ultimate

Let me stand
upon a wooden railing
hold the pommel in my hand
swing my right leg over
plant my feet on iron bar

let me sit on leather seat
smell rich and earthy
adjust the length
of stirrup bar

let me feel you
beneath me

let us begin a
walk at first a
‘get to know’
if you will

confidence in both
we have to show

then a trot I rise
in step

till we gather
a canter now

I hold the reins
my body moves
in rhythm to yours

shall we gallop
yes we shall
up this hill
that awaits

I crouch down low
body effortless
long strides
the wind in my hair

I sense your need
to run
your want to

there is no
better feeling
than riding it’s
just you
taking me