Between you and me

Me: Here’s the thing, I have been on a poetic journey of late.

You: That’s just erm wonderful rambly (or whatever the heck your name is now)

Me: Yes today alone I think I did 4 or 5 and couldn’t stop, well I did at one point as I went out for dinner with Mr. S and 3 others.

You: (Yawning) can you get on with it.

Me: So I’m really sorry if I inundated your in-box.

You: No matter, I just deleted every email that sprung up with ramblingsfromamum.

Me: Anywhoo, I write what makes me happy and poetry was the calling for today it seemed.

You: Yup, get that too and?

Me: So now I want to quickly tell you about my night at the Restaurant.

You: Could I be so lucky..?

Me: I went to a Teppanyaki Restaurant, which I have never experienced before.

You: Yay could you make this anymore interesting? I’m late for my appointment to get my toe nails cut.

Me: It was fascinating to watch, they cooked in front of us, they actually threw food, not all of it, which we had to catch in our mouths.

You: Terrific the image of you with food slopped on your cheek is an image I could only dream of.

Me: We also had to hold bowls and catch more empty bowls by the Chef.

You: This just keeps getting better..

Me: Then we had to catch a bowl full of fried rice in the bowls we already held.

You: I can hardly contain my excitement.

Me: There was one part I hated, the couple alongside us, who we didn’t know ordered live lobster. They had just ..well cut it in half and put it on the hot plate..and it kept moving..for a while..

You: I feel your pain (no actually I feel more for the lobster).

Me: I couldn’t look at him I held a napkin over my face.

You: The lobster was probably wishing he could have done the same thing.

Me: Moving right along then, I see you are losing your patience.

You: No shit Sherlock.

Me: This couple we found out (who had ordered the lobster) had been together 3 years and had come from previous marriages he with 10 kids and she with 4. 14 children can you believe that?

You: You’re tellin’ the story.