Shop till you drop

Today was hunt for shoes day (last weekend it was hunt for furniture day) & I ended up having a shoes & pants day.

Take your mind back to a previous post (if you read it that is) where the search for the plain linen pants consumed me. I did manage to find a nice pair of ‘more dressier’ black linen for $150.00aud….yes eeek.Last weekend whilst Mr S and I looked for furniture we popped into a shopping centre where I purchased a pair of open toe black leather wedges to go with said pants..(see pic but in black)                  (PIC Courtesy of Google)

This size heel

Today (well & everyday) because I’m a little fussy with pants and shoes and what combination goes best with what I was on the hunt for flat shoes to go with the bargain pair of linen pants I purchased whilst furniture shopping (as we do) are you keeping up still?

Anywho in this centre I spied a rack out the front saying $35.00, my heart skipped a few beats, there before my very eyes were 2 pairs of beige ( they have to be good right?) ‘more casual’ linen pants…1 pair size 14..damn it I muttered. Mr S kept a close vigil waiting to see if I would spontaneously combust or not. I feverishly grabbed the other pair size 10..Oh lordy a smile beamed across this womans dial. I looked at the price tag $294.00!! What noooo, can’t be right… I looked again, I wasn’t seeing things, then I looked at the rack marked $35.00. Hopefully someone didn’t put them back onto the wrong rack. PLEAZE let them fit I secretly prayed.

Smiling at Mr S I dashed to the change room, kicking off my shoes & shimmying out of my jeans faster than lighting to pull on the linen. YES YES, turned each way in the mirror they will fit. Up they went, zip done, button up (without having to draw a deep breath in or lie down on floor with a coat hanger) right place at the right very happy bunny.

So with wide leg linen pants for a more casual look flat shoes were the go, but alas tracking through 4 stores I couldn’t find a pair. Slightly higher shoes for the dressy pair & flat shoes for the casual pair…yes I know I may seem weird but that’s how I roll.

Today we went to another centre ‘mumsy’ was on a mission! I did find a pair of flat shoes that I could wear with said beige linen, which I bought (because well a girl has to do what a girl has to do & they were reduced) but my hunt continues. All was not lost however  as I found an ankle length drop waist full skirt (reduced from $90 to $30), then a black pretty T to go with it. Ahhhh bliss another outfit. I said to Mr S on the way home I think the amount of clothes in my wardrobe now is the most I have EVER had in my life.

Which is true as mums we provide for our kids, we then have mortgages, furniture,cars,utility bills,food …the list is a endless as we know, now finally at fifty….(something) I have started to buy for MOI..hallelujah I hear you cry (you aren’t ..hmm just me then)

Which brings me to these…

(Pic Courtesy of Google)

how does one walk in them? Call me a fuddy duddy…but these are shoes for wearing out when you’re not planning to walk any distance at all.

They are ‘Don’t my legs look great in these’ but don’t ask me about the pain in my feet or the blisters that are weeping & running down the back of my heels!

Whilst shopping I saw a woman in her late 40’s trying on pair, in fact I think they had a higher heel and I wondered whhyyyyyyyyyy????  I’ve seen the youngens wearing them & almost falling A over T because they cant balance.  Sarah Jessica Parker you have a lot to be accountable for.

Her mother was standing with her saying politely “Don’t you think they’re a little high”?  “No mum I don’t” was the curt reply. Sorry but I personally don’t wish to have feet like this…

Is there a moral to this post…um just that I wear for comfort and can still remain fashionable and don’t let fashion dictate what I should be wearing…..maybe it’s an age thing….

Pic courtesy of google and some poor woman


Toilet Paper Saga

Toilet paper …be it the humbly recycled (or not) innocent roll, coloured or white, perfumed or not, patterned or plain. One of life’s little necessities that (well let’s face it) we simply cannot live without. To think that brought about such pandemonium to our household in the last couple of days.

Our domain consists of my other half we shall call him “Mr. S” and my youngest (youngest being 25). When my other daughter lived at home there were the 3 girls and Mr S.

Where did the paper go? Did we have a robbery in the night by a Loo paper Thief?  Should we notify the police swearing “Officer we  had 4 rolls left and the next day we had none?

What on earth happened to it? How could it disappear so quickly? If you are nodding (especially if you have femme fatales in your midst ) you would be 100% correct.

Why because we simply use more! Whether it’s because we scrunch or fold, the female species simply think we need to use (at one time) at least the amount to decorate an entire May Pole.

Of course we do have to utilise said loo paper for more than the one reason that our male counterparts do (we don’t need details) and none of us think of how many trees from the Amazon we have cut down in order to satisfy our daily requirements & well simply put we probably don’t give a toss.

But when it comes to that crucial moment of the day when you run out …LOOK OUT THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END!!!   “Mum have we got anymore toilet paper?” yells daughter. “Um nope not a lot will get some tomorrow” was the reply. Following day “Mum did you get toilet paper?”. Um nope (bugga) forgot – we (Mr S and I) have 1 roll left pinch some of that if you need it”. “It’s OK I’m going out tonight I’ll get some on my way home”. “Good-o” said I.

Following morning “Ahh you didn’t get the toilet paper?” “No sorry I forgot”. Right then…crisis situation that was festering has now developed into a full blown OMG what NO TOILET PAPER situation. The world as we know it will crumble around us for we are also out of tissues!!!!!

Enter Mr S on his white steed (ok his blue 4 x 4) sending me a text this afternoon “Do you need anything at the shops”?

I replied “No thanks hun can’t think of anything”. I drove listening to the radio and thoughts about the day that passed to suddenly remember and sent a text “TOILET PAPER!” Moments later “Mission accomplished” came the reply.

Ode to the PAPER.

Ahh humble paper on a roll, how much we need you,

I do apologise that sometimes I don’t give you a 2nd thought.

We thank you for being able to satisfy our daily requirements.

We shall give thought to how much we scrunch or fold.

Please forgive us for thinking so little of you that we occasionally take you for granted.

For we shouldn’t…you are much loved & needed both day & night….&  we couldn’t live without you.