Blog Etiquette- The 10 Commandments from the reader and the writer’s prospective – 400th Post

with the words of Pink …”Who Knew”

Indeed who would have ever thought that I would reach this, that @ the 4th April, 2013 I would have 262 followers in the space of under a year and blah blah visits (half of them probably lost with my obscure tags). I feel I have my feet firmly planted on Mt Sinai about to give the 10 commandments.

Perhaps I shall (though a little longer than Moses delivered)

1. Always be grateful and acknowledge those that follow you. They have taken their time to ‘look into’ your posts and have decided that they like and are interested in what you have to offer. Even if it is not immediate – take the time to read who you follow, we are human, we all like a pat on the back or acknowledgment for what we do. Do not be so self-centered to think that your post is the only one that matters or brag endlessly about the amount you have accumulated. .. *yawn*. Be at least genuine and sincere. Likewise if you are following someone and you have commented time after time and they do not visit you, or acknowledge your existence, then it is up to you whether to ‘pull the pin’ for this in a way is a two way street i.e. Reciprocate.

2. Always when possible, leave a comment to what they have written, for they have spent their time, their energy and their love in writing to be read by YOU. To ignore is rude, so show them that you care. Get to really know these people whenever possible, not in a ‘stalking way‘, but to show that you are interested not only in their writing but them as a human being, you have some affinity with them through their words. How nice would it be to develop a friendship albeit virtual?

3. Always be sincere in your comments, too many, at times have a line that is continually used and it is noticed from one post to another. If you feel you cannot really comment on what the post means to you, then simply hit the like button, that will suffice and in fact, to the writer is better than seeing the ‘same old line’, as it leaves us with the question of “Did they actually read my words”?. This applies to those that hit the like button within 1 second of you hitting the publish button…

4. Always remember that at times, people do not want or indeed have the time to read terribly long posts. I have been guilty of this on more than one occasion, it is difficult to reign in your thoughts, but perhaps a better idea (note to self) is to break it down into one or two. Doing this will also hopefully, keep your reader interested and want to come back for more. This is not greed for ‘hits’, this is simply providing a service of not boring your followers so much that they would inevitably ‘un-follow’ you.

5. Always be kind and considerate in your comments, this forum does not need vicious or vindictive remarks. Critique is justified in a caring manner, do not be obnoxious when pointing this out. Corrections to grammar and spelling are warranted. I have been ‘pulled up’ a few times and I am thankful to those that that have noticed an error and have advised me of such, it only improves my writing.

6. Always be aware that your readers/followers or newcomers have read you for a reason, be exhilarated that they have decided to follow you because of what you have written. In my case some follow because they like Haiku, others for prose, others simply for me just rambling about my life and being a mum. Each follower so vastly different from another. What intrigues or interests one, will not necessarily intrigue another and that is OK.

7. Always remember there is a market for everybody that runs a ‘blog’, people with different interests, different values, different stories to tell, each of us, unique, each of us bringing an idea, a thought, guidance or humour that we wish to share with the world. Do not feel ashamed that you have followers that you don’t follow…for each of us are attracted to different writers. I have followers that I don’t follow, but time allowing, I will pop in now and then to read what they are doing.

8. Always write from your heart, about your passions, your knowledge, your loves. Encourage those that feel they cannot write poetry to do so, or write from the ‘dark side’ or the melancholy or try a Haiku!  We all learn from one another, we therefore should appreciate those that can step ‘outside the box’ from their ‘normal’ writing.

9. Always, no matter what genre you choose, maintain your sense of decency, your individuality and your talent, do not be persuaded to follow what others do because it may be popular. Don’t jump on the band wagon, simply because you see that they have a ‘gazillion’ followers. You are what you are, you write because you have your own story to tell.

10. ALWAYS be yourself, do not write under pretence, write what you love, feel secure in that those that follow are genuinely interested in what you have written and show them the respect that they deserve. Yes, it is a time consuming but manageable process to follow, to read, to comment, to then write your own work. Comments do not have to be done within a second of posting (refer to commandment 3).  I have followers who are now going back through the archives to read older posts. That to me is reassuring, comforting and pleasing. Knowing that they are taking the time to do so. Remember this is NOT a competition, though some of us enter into challenges, we are not doing this to win the race of the best blog or to be ‘Freshly Pressed’. I am just comfy being myself Wrinkled and all, thank you very much.

So now I remind myself of # 4 and close – I thank you for reading and following me.  Without wanting to make any one violently ill – YOU ARE ALL PRECIOUS TO ME.

Reblogging – welcomed and appreciated…spread the love 🙂

*If I have contradicted myself in the aforementioned Commandments –  you can blame the demon drink. 😦