The day in the life of a broken record

Dear Readers,
Firstly how are you all? I hope you are all in good health.
I am experiencing (hopefully just for tonight – sorry this morning as the clock has just struck 1:09am) a brain freeze, is it a Seasonal thing as one of my readers mentioned? As the clouds swagger across the dulled skies, striking out the sun and making the earth dark and gloomy, is this how my writing will be? I think it shall.
For those that read me regularly I do enjoy my dark side in my writing and I feel that this will become more prevalent as our winter slowly but surely descends upon us. Of course all of you can hit delete if you do not wish to be burdened with my macabre dribble.
I said I would write about my day, however I am sure it will bore the pants off the majority of you or leave you in a comatose state with no will to live.

I woke up (surprise surprise)

I showered (no not a surprise I shower every morning)

I got dressed (yes I don’t do naked well at my age)

I wrote out a complaint form (for those who know me a little more intimately you will know what this is about..possibly)

I went on to my site (yes, something due to being out of work, I do all day every day and half the night)

I answered my readers (as in line with my Blog Etiquette post)

I read other posts and commented (as per my Blog Etiquette post)

I tried to cover the way I felt inside (pointless)

I wasn’t able to (the masks we use)

I met a girlfriend for lunch (at a Japanese Rest)

I did most of the talking (all right whinging about my circumstances right now)

I ate (whilst whinging)

I had a glass of wine (whilst whinging)

I came back home and felt miserable for yes (whinging)

I sent her a text apologising (she replied don’t be silly little one keep smiling)

I am not me at the moment (physically yes though I need to lose 2 and a bit kgs) mentally not me

I am a little stressed and anxious, but above all frustrated (mainly frustrated and bored – hence prolific writing)

I am angry at losing a girlfriend of 6 years, angry that she hasn’t contacted me (no pissed off to be honest)

I think at my age, yes for those that don’t know how old I am 58 in July (so technically still 57) making friends is difficult, ones who you know you can trust, have your back, be supportive

I think I have learnt (at my age) true friends you can count on your fingers, the others as they say are acquaintances

I digress

I went back on line and tried in vain to write a post for Trifecta (I did anyway and I’m not happy about it)

I had brain breeze (in fact in part I still do)

I want a job – I want to be my own boss (I want to write for a living..ah yes dream on)

I want to stop being frustrated and bored at home and also happy with what I write (prays tomorrow is better)

I wanted to stick to my Blog Etiquette which I haven’t (and wrote a very long post – apologies)
So my dear readers, this was me and my day, exciting huh?

Sincerely Yours

(who promises sooner, rather than later to stop moaning and going on like a broken record)


PS: I do not know how to stop people putting comments( I tried – I failed), PLEASE I did not write this for comments or to have my readers feeling sorry for me. This was not my intent,  this was me getting things off my chest and rambling on (oh and I shall get the post done tomorrow about that name change thing hopefully)