To Pigs that Fly and Beyond


this has to be our secret
we’ll wait till it gets dark
we have to be so quiet
we can’t wake mum and dad


when they’re asleep
we’ll sneak down the stairs
can’t make a noise
Sssshhhhh  don’t we dare


come down to the woods
where the elves call home
they are holding a party
they want us to come!!!


we’ll ride giant turtles
with ribbons for reins
eat gingerbread houses
and drive talking trains!!!


we’ll drink lemonade
from plastic tea sets
this party will be
the best party yet!!!


down in the forest with
elves and the fairies
inside the tree trunks
we’ll read magic stories


what fun we shall have
the things we can do
there’s even a woman
who lives in a shoe!!!


there are pretty pink pigs
we are able to ride
and a nice big house
that’s so pretty inside


a piper called Peter
who plays lots of tunes
and perhaps we can talk
to the man in the moon!!!


we’ll see fireflies
who light up the night
albatrosses who fly
and sing through the sky


with bunnies that talk
elephants, ponies
and monkeys that squawk


there are lanterns and
cups that float in the stream
we can blow coloured bubbles
eat cake and whipped cream!!!


we must be so quiet
as we sneak down the stairs
to join in the party
after our prayers


we’ll eat ice-cream and jelly
and lollies too
the fun we will have
just me and you

©jmtacken Oct 2013

Poetic Inspiration~ dVersePoets  Poetics–> Children’s poetry

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Note to self – Never think that writing a children’s poem comes easy!

What is it?

Perhaps a lick
a taste on tongue
perhaps the


perhaps the taste
the sweetness
the joy the
pleasure felt

perhaps the
the long filled

the no you
shouldn’t but
the need
the crave

perhaps the
thought of
it’s been a while
I miss it

the creaminess

it’s just
your mind