Erasing the memory for Picture it and Write

This is another piece from the inspirational folk at Picture it and write


and this is the picture

and this is my take on it

You held a pencil , the artist emerged & crafted me into the person of your dreams your
–  vision
From the pencil came the paint brush,  master strokes & palette in hand you painted
 – me
An idea, your masterpiece took shape until you thought it too hard to
– complete
But I am blood & bone, can you not see the colour of my skin or the hand that reaches out in
 – mercy
Do you not feel my pain as you swiftly without just cause take away what you
 – created
You encouraged me to grow, I came to life under each meticulous stroke of your
– brush
 I did it out of love for you, removing me, will that give you
–  pleasure
I see it in your face,  damn it,  let me
–  be
don’t waste your time on another
– magnum opus


 I am who you need, do not rub me from your life
– do not 

Picture it & Write

Visits in the dark Visdare-6-emerging


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Some of you will love this, others of you not so much – but really. There’s so much scope for imagination here. I’ve already got something like this in one of my WIPs – but what about you? Who is this lady, where is she going, what is she leaving?

Visits in the dark I am painted lips dark illuminated by the glow of the lamp that I hold I visit when you slumber, step through frame to another time, a time when we were one I’m the ghost of your past the girl that you once loved I wear these clothes and gloves for you reminiscent of another era when I thought our love was true I step into your world watch you yet I retreat with haste for the lamp is only a guide for my footsteps Not a guide back to your heart, I return to my place through the passage of time the light being my saviour, my guide to find who I am without you