The Raven


when the raven calls at night
on the precipice of dreams and nightmares
do you succumb
relinquishing to darkness, one by one your foot steps
not adhering to the craggy ground
as you fall ever deeper into your singular mind

searching for an ending
tumbling ever forward, no ability to secure sanity
that once prevailed, clinging to the present
no doors for your escape
guessing what is real and what is not
overpowering bad considerations, scream loud
not to be defeated

bloodied scratching fingernails, asylum arms
grasping from all sides convincing you you're safe
"come with me", they whisper echoing in your ears
would it ever be ~ where is your sanctuary
are lines defined, the misinterpreted voices that you hear
cast fears aside, do not fall into the cavity

when the raven calls

©jmtacken Dec 2013

Photo Credit Pin Dark Forest Night Image on Pinterest

Feather light and lace – Prose romance


Feather light lace ~ you know not
that I watch breathless, as you ascend
the stairs, angel alighting heaven bound
graceful in your heart;  graceful in step
I watch you floating and am reminded of a
thousand violins playing on a summers eve

layers that you hold,  reflect layers of yourself
angelically you climb one by one, your doubt
and indecision held within your breast, tell me
can I comfort you and say that you’ll be safe
oh, how I wish my arms around you to
allay the fears you have

feather light lace ~ your confusion it is
warranted for one heart should only love one
other and you have captured mine, I pray
that you look back and notice me
for I’m the one you swore to love
my heart seduced and stolen

my sobs are left unheard as if they never
were, pray keep the thoughts of us within you
know that I would please you, more than what
another could; choose and choose you must
but none does think you fairer; none would
lay their life as I, for feather light and lace


I shall try and put in the title what I am writing about, so everyone has the chance to not read if it isn’t ‘their thing’.


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Mask of life

open weave
on a stick

that touches
my skin

Not wanting
nor willing to
show the world
who I
really am

protected from
outside world
who do not
know me
be myself

fronting with
a different
masquerade a
veneer of who I am

covering the
external me
to not display
the internal

it is permitted
to hide
behind the
of my safe being

the question remains
is it safe
to emerge
the open weave
that is the
of myself

do not dwell on

reactions of others
do not be afraid
open myself to

cast off my
reveal myself
cease this