Feather light and lace – Prose romance


Feather light lace ~ you know not
that I watch breathless, as you ascend
the stairs, angel alighting heaven bound
graceful in your heart;  graceful in step
I watch you floating and am reminded of a
thousand violins playing on a summers eve

layers that you hold,  reflect layers of yourself
angelically you climb one by one, your doubt
and indecision held within your breast, tell me
can I comfort you and say that you’ll be safe
oh, how I wish my arms around you to
allay the fears you have

feather light lace ~ your confusion it is
warranted for one heart should only love one
other and you have captured mine, I pray
that you look back and notice me
for I’m the one you swore to love
my heart seduced and stolen

my sobs are left unheard as if they never
were, pray keep the thoughts of us within you
know that I would please you, more than what
another could; choose and choose you must
but none does think you fairer; none would
lay their life as I, for feather light and lace


I shall try and put in the title what I am writing about, so everyone has the chance to not read if it isn’t ‘their thing’.


Liptember Women’s Mental Health Campaign. I wish to thank those who have already donated to this worthy cause. Please forgive me,  but I shall post the links on each post, for those that would still like to contribute.

https://www.liptember.com.au/kayla.tacken    – my daughter.

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