Rant and raves from grumpy rambly

time for a rant & raves – which I swore I wouldn’t really do..so I must be ‘in a mood’ tonight.

  • Political correctness…. I like many other Australians I am sure, are becoming increasingly fed up and irritated with lack of ‘ freedom of speech’ that we once had. Currently there are a couple of uproars in the media about ‘the wrong word/s’ being spoken. One by a 13 year old girl at a football match, who yelled out ‘Ape’ to an Aboriginal football player. She has been accused of racism. Is it just me or is this getting ridiculous?  This is what was said of her from the player – “Racism has a face. It’s a 13-year-old girl.”  This is her reply “I didn’t mean it in a racist way and I’m sorry to the club and the AFL.”  Would I be called racist if I called a caucasian person an ape if I thought he was playing football badly? No I wouldn’t.  Yell it out to an Indigenous person and all hell breaks lose.  Are we all becoming a touch to ‘sensitive’?
  • We over here are slowly but surely being turned into a nation where we cannot think for ourselves, nor are we able to speak our mind for fear of upsetting others, where we are being indoctrinated daily on how in our every day lives to ‘tow’ the line.
  • There was also mention of banning the singing of Christmas Carols in Australian schools as it was not acceptable to other religious beliefs. Children in some schools have been banned from running or doing cartwheels for they may injure themselves…sorry don’t all children injure themselves at some point? Have these playground activities, all of a sudden become extremely dangerous? I heard on the radio last week that they are wanting some sports groups for children to stop scoring as encourages too much competition between the kids….seriously? Friendly competitiveness no longer allowed.
  • We have some medicines that are costing some families $30,000 per year out of pocket whilst we have our Politicians giving themselves hefty pay rises.
  • I am a smoker (though I have cut down tremendously – so please don’t yell at me). The Government is quite happy to pocket the revenue from the sale of tobacco, yet chastises those who smoke. They continually increase the cost of cigarettes, show the most deplorable advertisements to try and dissuade people from smoking, is aware that it causes emphysema, cancer, strokes, blindness (as are those that smoke by the way). They have banned smoking inside Restaurants, Pubs, Cafes, you cannot smoke within 4 meters of an entrance to a building or in an area where there is a roof. All of these measures by the way I am in total agreement with. They are now contemplating banning smoking in all outdoor areas, ie maybe we can only have a cigarette in our own homes or perhaps the back yard shed or garage. We all know how bad it is, the decision to give up would be so much easier, if they simply stopped manufacturing the damn things! But no, we know that will not happen because the good old Government is pardon the pun ‘making a killing’ by still letting companies produce them.
  • There are millions given in foreign aid, when we have homeless people in Australia, when we need new Hospitals, new roads and infrastructure. We allow boat people to flood into our country illegally and find employment, when they cannot speak english and have no skills, which in turn takes away jobs for Australians that have been born and raised here, or those that have migrated legally through the proper channels and who can contribute to the country.

I just think we have it all a little screwed up and it’s not going to get any better. I shall finish my ranting and raving before I get started on our legal system or lack there of over here. Australia was known as the “Lucky Country” at this juncture I’m no too sure.