Winter is approaching – Prose


stand centred
the inner circle
surrounded by
the ancient
my private sanctuary
I don my winter coat
of thoughts

wind lashes icy
against my cheek
razor blades
of a colder season
grey clouds multiply
play catch in the air
amid blackened skies
before night falls

I wait

inhale secrets
I beckon creatures
timbers crack
bristled whispers
the woodland starts
to breathe
creatures nocturnal
step cautiously
from daylit homes

the distance
the pack howls
with throats
stretched tight
guttural baying
to the opaque moon

footsteps soft on
moistened moss
quenching thirsts
at river beds
insects wary scurry
from the pray
the dark is coming

I am not afraid

darkness penetrates
I am a kindred spirit
where I stand
connect me with the
sounds of living on
this night

winter hard as stone
call forth my muse
from summer past
inspiration drawn

my muse awakes

my breath draws in
no longer does she
sleep within

Run away with me

On the bridge is where
I shall meet thee
I shall steel a kiss far
away from peering eyes
amongst fern and branches low
join me there
on mossy stone that’s where
I shall hold thee
express my love in hope
of capturing your heart
I have waited for so long
join me there
surrounded by the forest green
I shall say I love thee
and I will bare my soul
and ask you to be mine to run away
with me leave the life you lead behind
join me there
listening to the music of the water
I shall ask thee to wed me
holding your hand in mine I shall
whisper to you of my undying love 
I pray your answer be yes
join me there



This photo was taken on a trip to England (taken through a bus window – so lacking clarity) – my fascination for old bridges was the prompt.

My Entry to Poem Competition – From Rulesofstupid

I noticed this on & &  so it certainly is doing the rounds.

The rules are (I think)

  • Use the comments on one of your blogs posts to make a poem.
  • Edit the words on the comments as little as possible.
  • Put a link in the current blog (this one) that links back to Panda Man’s original blog post (Yup …see above.)
  • Put a link in the current blog (again this one) that links to the blog post you are taking your comments from.
  • I have chosen from 

Internal arguments.


Internal Arguments

She yelled I yelled

I love her with every breath I take

Why should there be this conflict

There are not many rules that I make


I don’t think I am asking too much

I want us to be closer

I would gladly give my life for either of my daughters


Yes I’ve just had a fight with my daughter

The words can cut quite deep

from day to day I see & hear & I’m sorry if I can’t accept

Her words, my words cut at my heart & I can only weep


Unkind words were spoken from both of us

She was not grown up, nor was I

She yelled that I was the worst human being she has known

All I felt was her heart was made of stone


But now things we have mended

To resume our lives once more

She knows that I do love her

She’s a daughter I adore

Listen (Part 2) Poetry

Listen to the morning birds with their wake up song

Listen to the footsteps in the house where you belong

Listen to the new borns as they utter their first sounds

Listen to the children’s laughter ringing through playgrounds


Listen to the anger in the voices in a fight

Listen to thunder as it cracks on stormy nights

Listen to the people having conversations nearby

Listen to the whirring fans on ceilings way up high


Listen to the sounds of hooves galloping on the ground

Listen to the lost shelter pups crying to be found

Listen to the man as he whistles his tune

Listen to the clink of your knife and spoon


Listen to the waterfalls that flow from rocks above

Listen to the cooing of the released caged white dove

Listen to the whispers of children out at play

Listen to the elderly and what they have to say


Listen to the waves as they tumble to the shore

Listen to the high heel shoes step across the floor

Listen to the pelting rain upon an iron shed

Listen to the winds blow strong when your warm in bed


Listen to the band you love sing your favourite song

Listen to the keyboard click when your typing all day long

Listen to the crackling of wood burning in the fires

Listen to the breath inhaled and listen when it expires


Listen to your heart beat strong beneath your chest

Listen to when someone speaks, that their life is in a mess

Listen to the child that says that they feel pain

Listen to the teenager who wants to come home again


Listen to the bubbles in an effervescent drink

Listen to the water drip into the kitchen sink

Listen to the kittens as they softly purr

Listen to the shoes of a flamenco dancer


Listen to the one you love when they have something to say

Listen to the friends you have and laugh with them each day

Listen to the abused animals who haven’t got a voice

Listen to the sadness of others so that one day they may rejoice

Listening… A simple thing we take for granted.. sometimes we hear but do we always listen