A Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I have been nominated for the above Award – I ‘partially’ (as you may be aware), accept Awards (which may sound rather trite) and I do not mean that to be the case, this Award is from the wonderful http://knockedoverbyafeather.wordpress.com her other nominees are the following:-

Deliberate Donkey
Angies Grapevine
Looking for reasoning to a complicated world
From the Fog
The Blog of Otis
The Temenos Journal
Evil Squirrel’s Nest
Breathing Space
Fibro Feist
Ramblings of a jerk
Fairytale Epidemic
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Fish Of Gold

Her answers to the 7 questions were :

Seven Things About Merbear
1. If I could get plastic surgery, I would buy a new chin. 2. I wasn’t a Beatles fan until 2008. 3. I Love The Food Network. 4. I just bought a Forever Comfy5. It actually is comfy. 6. I am not a fan of condiments. 7. I have a purse fetish. My favorite is a brown Coach.

This lady is beautiful, talented and extremely funny and if you haven’t visited her site I urge you to do so.

So thank you for bestowing this Award to me “Merby” (as I call her) and congratulations to the other nominees, I ask that you take a peak at their sites and as gratitude display their site names ( yes I have been a little lazy and not done the links) 😦

I thank you.