Liptember – Awareness for mental health issues for women *HELP*

PLEASE RE- BLOG   Shaun from has kindly and generously written a blog for Liptember to help Kayla raise funds for the fight against Mental Illness. He has donated recently, as have a few of my readers. Please read and if you can donate (for those that haven’t already) we would be most grateful. Thank You!    We now have a Pay Pal address for those who have had difficulty donating – thank you.      

PAY PAL EMAIL ADDRESS IS :-   Please put in the description Liptember on behalf of Kayla.  THANK YOU!


This is my comment on Shaun’s post.


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and Kayla’s for doing this HELP Blog for Mental illness, as you have written quite rightly, it is an invisible disease.
These young girls who suffer need help with funding to try and find reasoning/cures as to why they are afflicted. So many suffer and answers need to be found in order to help them. The only solution at present is to go on medication to relieve the symptoms of depression or anxiety. I as a mother, Kayla’s mother do not want my daughter on medication. All mothers and fathers assume that because their child is born physically healthy that nothing will effect them mentally. I did not know when she was born healthy, that later on in her young adult life she would then suffer from these conditions, she is 27 years old.

I ask, your readers if they are able to donate to help fight this to try and find an answer.

Please remember to put that it is on behalf of Kayla.

If you require a tax receipt, please email the Liptember Foundation and request one. If the direct link to Kayla does not work, please forward to the banking details that are above.

Thank you Shaun so very much for spreading the word in trying to help not only my daughter, but for millions of girls, young women and adults all over the world.

PS: Could I please ask if you donate to also let Shaun or I know as Kayla would very much like to thank you all in a post and your links to your site will be included in the thank you.