Words mean nothing…nothing (Prose – Part 2)

Wedding decoration in a bridge

“It’s over ~ I don’t love you anymore”
words stumble from your mouth
they tip from your cracked lips
to hit the floor like concrete
no emotion, no depth, they land
thinking they will impact me

wrong ~ like crocodile tears
no affect at all
false pain spreads across your face
the acting classes taught you well

I try to stop my laughter ~ crap
do you know how I have longed
for this, this farce to sacred vows
once taken in our youth
a sham that tops all others
with indiscretions along the way

but it’s I who’ll have the last word
when you hear our love was broken
years before your decision to end it all
and I’ll wait for your reaction
the false pain you show ~ will then be real

©jmtacken 19/11/13

I don’t know why this has grabbed hold of me tonight – this is Part 2 and hopefully concludes at (Part 3) tomorrow night – bear with me readers.