shall I tell you a story….


“Come away with me”.

Tatiana whispered the words out loud,  printed in capitals on the very first page.

Her sister had packed the book into her suitcase before she and Robert had left for the christening, insisting that she should not read it, till she was alone.

Robert was in such a great mood all afternoon and during the ‘after celebration party’ never let Tatiana’s glass run dry, even insisting on making her a cocktail on their return back to the cabin. Light headed, she had stumbled giggling, to the suitcase to retrieve the book and headed to the pier, not bothering to change clothes, the effects of the alcohol fuelled her curiosity about what her sister had given her to read.

She popped on her sunglasses and held the book high to escape the suns glare that now and then filtered through the clouds of the fresh autumn afternoon.

The comforting red woollen coat lay beneath her. The wooden pier warming and crackling as it breathed in the suns heat.

Her arm dangled and at times her fingertips disturbed the stillness of the lake, causing ripples on the surface.

Turning the page she continued to read, though her eyelids were growing heavy.

Even if she only got to the bottom of this page, she thought, she could close her eyes, enjoying the peacefulness and silence of the lake.

“The love that I have for you, like no other, soon, soon we will be together for ever and always”.

As her twin, the water below mirrored her reflection.

Tatiana struggled to keep her eyes open, her body felt heavy, something strange was happening.

A pain slashed across the inside of her chest as she recognised her sister’s hand writing.

“Have you enjoyed the read my dear Tatiana?”,  were the last words to pass her eyes before her last breath was inhaled.



Critique welcome.         This is my contribution for Picture it & write