Yesterday I wrote this    Memories like the corners of my mind (rambling)

All I can say is, I stripped the kitchen cupboards last night ..sighing, moaning and groaning all the way, trying to locate my very well hidden jewellery.

Mr. S cautiously popped his head round the corner, enquiring why all the noise (not the doors banging  – but me).

Nothing.    😦

This morning I chanted (well asked once actually) to the magical universe and also went with the suggestion that it will be in the last place you looked. Thank you for all who tried to help this gooey brain of mine.

BUT – dear readers all is well with the world.


Whether it was the chant or me saying to hell with it – let’s just look in the last place. Now apart from the kitchen, the last place was the bedroom. I had gone through every drawer, but only skimmed one of them my P.J drawer…and wouldn’t you know it readers guess what I found tucked way behind in the corner in a little bag, a frog.
No I’m kidding. I am so relieved! Not only was there the necklace mum had brought me, but 3 bracelets, one ankle bracelet, one white gold necklace, 4 pairs of earrings and my diamond ring. So I had actually hidden quite a bit more than what I thought!  (Yes, I know I love exclamation marks!!)
So everyone – please I am sorry that I put you through a night of no sleep, that you walked the floors of your house trying to give me more clues and that you couldn’t eat your breakfasts or dinners because you were so stressed for me.
Of course I asked Mr. S where to ‘hide’ them again so I wouldn’t forget…he just groaned.