In touch with the other side

Tonight a girlfriend picked me up to accompany her to what I shall simply call ‘The Circle’. What is this you ask? I shall now inform you. I am breaking my Blog Etiquette with the length of this post so forgive me.

The Circle is a group of people who are able to contact or are in the process of seeing whether they are able to contact ‘the other side’. For those who think this is a load of cods, you have permission to stop reading.

This subject/gift has always fascinated me, I have never delved into this area at all, but curiosity got the better of me, so I tagged along to see what would transpire.

There were 10 of us, the head Medium (for want of a better title) is Carol. She has been a practicing Medium for over 20 years. I have watched TV shows of Sally Morgan (English) and John Edwards (American) and others, on and off over the years and I was intrigued (am intrigued) by how all of this actually works.  As we know some Mediums or Psychics do not seem genuine, how much is real, how much is prompted, how much indeed is baloney?

We sat on chairs in a circle, we were not allowed to cross our legs for we were encouraging our spirit guides to join us, we listened to calming music and meditated for what seemed 5 minutes, may possibly have been 3, I am not sure, all I know is that I can meditate fairly easily and I was very relaxed. Carol encouraged our Guides to join us, to come into our aura.

Now I’m not on any medication or hadn’t been choofing the happy stuff, so this is what happened to me.

I was so wanting to hear a voice in my head, or to see something. Sadly I heard no voices. The contact from the spirit side does not come when you are meditating, you can in fact have contact 1 or 2 or possibly more hours afterwards for that to occur.

What I did experience and thought really nothing of it, was, whilst I was meditating I saw in my 3rd eye (yes we all have them) a brilliant lilac circle, at times a crimson like flower or petals emanated from it, but it kept returning to this purple circle no matter how hard I tried NOT to see it.

When we opened our eyes, individuals were called to stand up one at a time if they ‘had anything’. I had nothing 😦 though I did see an old man in a three-piece tweed suit. I thought nothing of it, for I was wondering if I ‘wanted’ to see something and therefore was making it up in my head, yep good night to bring out an old man into the group.

My girlfriend who has attended 8 of these meetings so far, stood, collected her thoughts and started talking about seeing a quilt, and an older lady, a grandmother figure. She much to her dismay hasn’t had verbal communication as yet only visual, since attending these circles. There was also the letter N (for a name) and a month of significance mentioned. If the link (the party that feels that this resonates with) knows this belongs to them, they will then say “I will accept this”. The person doing the reading then centres what she sees or hears the energy towards them.

Carol asked my girlfriend to hone in a little deeper. My girlfriend said she saw leather work. The lady who ‘accepted’ was with her partner a man who also can connect with the spirit side. ‘He makes leather vests’. My girlfriend and the others did not know this.  There were others who had connections and those that accepted and knew that what was being said related to them. I was ‘gobsmacked’ There were no questions asked of those who had the connection, there was no prompting or getting the link to feed them information, as you see with some TV shows.

After the gathering had finished, I said to Carol that all I saw were colours, she said that Guides do not often have a physical appearance but colours see and that I had indeed a Guardian with me.

I then mentioned about seeing an old man in a 3 piece tweed suit, but thought I want to picture something, anything, let me have some wonderful gift or power! Who can I picture I know a man in a 3 piece suit. Apparently the image I saw was in fact ‘a sighting’, she was glad that I told her about him, as you can’t take the ‘sighting’ or spirit home with you without releasing it i.e: saying out loud what you saw.

Have I been convinced that this can really happen? That it isn’t put on,  I cannot see how it could be.  I found it totally fascinating and I shall go next week to see what happens… I shall let you know the results, this could be a fascinating journey I am embarking on.

If you made it to the end – Thanks for reading 🙂  and as Ripley says…believe it or not.