Ok I swear this is it.. well for the day it’s my 50th Post – cause for a celebration & a thank you!!

I know, what you’re thinking for ‘gawds’ sake woman enough already it’s late in Australia go to bed….. HOWEVER as this is my 50th post I would like to HONESTLY say THANK – YOU to each and every one of you for taking the time to catch a ‘tag’ to investigate, to read, to like, to follow and to comment. I appreciate that I have followers (quite surprised in fact). When I started blogging in July I had 21 views, August I had 117, September and I have had 542!!! OK so I’m excited and the month isn’t over yet. Seriously (which is hard for me at this juncture as yes it is late and I go a little crazy when the moon is out) I do thank you – all of you and I hope that you have laughed, shed a ‘good’ tear or just simply enjoyed my ramblings from a mum.  Hopefully I can continue and you will still enjoy..