If only they would – Poetry

If I have to shout it from the rooftops

do not think I won’t

For god’s sake please clean up your mess

or you will be in strife


while you’re at it tidy your room

get those clothes up off the floor

move those mouldy half drunk drinks

or I swear you’ll get what for


has your toilet seen a brush

remove those empty rolls

and while you’re on the spring clean

I’ll be doing a patrol


do you think that’s it’s hygenic

it really isn’t nice, you probably have

dead spiders or hell there could be mice


do you think that you could make your bed

even just pretend, tuck the sheets in underneath

or is slapdash the latest trend


your bath and basin need a scrub

oh and the shower too

and dusting of your furniture

it’s not that hard to do


what about the papers

scattered round the place

do you think they could be neater

or do you need MORE space


vacuum the carpet if you please

if you can find your floor

and take the wet towels off the hooks

that are right behind your door


NO I shouldn’t have to close your door

so that others will not see

you have to learn to tidy up

and not leave it up to me


clear that rubbish from under bed

there’s a wardrobe you can use

it’s built for clothes to hang up

hell it’s even meant for shoes


do I have to tell you twice

over and over again

it’s not that hard to tidy up

I’ve been doing it all my life


how about opening your curtains

you don’t live in an oubliette

why the dark and dismal room

it’s certainly no retreat


when was the last time you ironed

you clothes aren’t wash and wear

or do you like that crinkled look

the one that I can’t bare


how about giving me a hand

or do you want to be a sloth

be nice to have can i help you mum

before I start to froth


maybe your rooms your hiding spot

where your mess can quietly hide

but believe me if you do not clean

I’ll be spanking your backside!