Unlacing Crimson (With Music)

Please play the music then read



feathered dust skims the width of faded yellow
my mouth as if to blow a kiss nuzzles
the bundle’s edge comforted in crimson ribbon
the bow still holds, lack lustred now

I breathe the mustiness of years passed
holding preciously, seeing myself as you were
sitting by the window, sun splashes filtering
through glass, anointing paled skin

unlacing crimson, from the envelopes
that bore your name in pen, some letters faint
some faded as the memories, holding the letter
to my breast I whisper across the room, Penelope

unfold in three, as he had folded, her inamorato
meticulously as if he sent his life
trusted beyond his own, to be protected within her heart
did tears fall upon her cheeks, as mine do now

my fingers tremble as I discover the yearning
that was distanced ‘tween bullets and country farm
two people that I never knew and yet I am connected
this passion of unfading love

as his words bathe my heart, plucking concerto
breaths, a love that I am witnessing, long after
it had gone, a love held strong, a memory
a broken heart, for he did not return

©jmtacken 19th March, 2014   (Fiction)