Lighting My Way (Prose for Dverse)


“I am growing weaker, my time is coming to an end, please will you light a candle, when it’s time to leave this earth”

“I will light a candle I promise – one of thousands”

“Help me find my way – so I won’t be lost, I am frightened of the journey I face ~ please tell me I’ll be safe”

“Please do not be scared, I know you are ~ I will guide you, with my candles, with the light, they’ll brightly burn,  through this night and every other day and I promise, I’ll keep them burning, till you are safe and without pain”

“One shall be lit on your Birthday and at Christmas time, to symbolise my love for you, as a remembrance of your life”

“I will seek out the glowing flame, I promise, from wherever I may be, smiling and sending love to you, for you remembering me”

“Do you think I could forget you, you are a part of me, the candle flame is as much for you, as it is for me”

“I’m ready now to journey, light it now so I may see, my tired eyes will watch the glow ~ till they finally close”

As I light the wick, my head turns away from you, just for a brief moment as my strength diminishes and tears run down my cheek. The flame burns bright, the dark so silent, closes in, I hold your hand, to comfort you, but your eyes have closed and you are gone.

©jmtacken Dec 2013

For the fabulous Dverse – The Pub – I have chosen a ‘significance’ of candle lighting ~ perhaps not to cheery for this time of year ~ but it is where my muse took me.

For this prompt, the lovely Mary has asked us to write about:

–’lights’ or ‘candles,’ either their significance for you in regard to holiday celebrations or their uses in a secular way.
–the stars, moon, sun which provide our natural ‘lighting’ at this time of the year.
–winter solstice — the shortest day of the year, the day we most need additional light.
– the light of the world, however and wherever you find it during this darkest (in Northern Hemisphere anyway) few weeks of the year.

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